Even more possibilities for air/water heat pumps - ESTIA R32 by Toshiba

Japanese design, Polish production - a new generation of air/water heat pumps running on environmentally friendly R32 refrigerant is available from Toshiba.

Under the name ESTIA R32 are heat pumps manufactured in a new factory near Gniezno, Poland, combining the expertise and innovative solutions for which Toshiba is known. Production in Poland has enabled condensation of supply chains, reducing lead times and delivery across Europe, and thus reducing carbon emissions.

What distinguishes the ESTIA R32 heat pump? It is an alternative to conventional heating systems in line with the demand resulting from awareness of the growing climate threats and the search for more environmentally sustainable solutions. The innovative air/water heat pump, with its impressive performance specifications for space heating and hot water production, allows for a significant reduction in energy bills compared to systems based on gas, oil or solid fuel boilers like coal or wood. It is currently the cheapest source of heat and DHW for residential buildings!

Przykład instalacji modułu naściennego ESTIA

Example of installation of ESTIA wall-mounted module


The A+++ class device guarantees year-round thermal comfort. How is this possible? Thanks to a new dual-rotary compressor using advanced liquid injection technology, even at extremely low ambient temperatures like -25°C, the heat pump maintains hot water production at 62°C without the use of electric heaters (for 8 and 11 kW power units). This performance, however, does not compromise the unit's sound generation or energy efficiency - each of the five models in the ESTIA R32 series of pumps (from 4 to 14 kW) is best-in-class for both low noise and environmental performance.

The new All-In-One hydronic module proposed by the Toshiba brand is integrated with a stainless steel hot water (DHW) tank with a nominal capacity of 200 liters. Compact dimensions (1700 x 595 x 670 mm) and reduced weight to 130 kg facilitate convenient installation of the equipment. The brand also offers even more compact solutions - wall-mounted hydraulic modules that can support an external DHW tank (700 x 450 x 235 mm, weighing 27 kg).

Zestawy pomp ciepła ESTIA

ESTIA heat pump kits


Importantly, the ESTIA R32 heat pump can produce DHW even at extremely high outdoor temperatures, providing maximum savings and year-round operation!
Heating and DHW production are complemented by integrated electric heaters of 3, 6 or 9 kW, allowing the pump to be optimally sized to meet demand.

In addition, all ESTIA R32 units are made as reversible units, thus allowing cooling during the summer season.

This is not the end of innovations! The brand has also created a special program to run the pump, which allows the device to be fully configured for a given installation. The configuration file created in this way is downloaded to the installed heat pump, thus reducing startup time.

ESTIA R32's design allows for quick and easy installation and maintenance - compact hydraulic units provide front access to all components, and a new parameter programming tool allows heat pump operating parameters to be set on a PC and loaded into the commissioning unit.

Porównanie temperatury zasilania różnych producentów pomp ciepła mocy 8 kW

Thanks to the advanced design and direct injection
ofliquid into the compressor of ESTIA R32 heat pumps, the 8 and 11 kW outputs allow
to produce hot water up to 62°C as low as -25°C outside temperature.

Such a high temperature of produced CW of ESTIA heat pumps is

possible without the use of electric heaters


A functional controller that allows control of one or two zones and DHW allows intuitive operation of various functions, such as silent mode, energy consumption display and extended scheduling. In turn, the auto-adaptation function to changes in outdoor temperature (heating curve) allows you to reduce bills and ensure thermal comfort.

Intelligent control via the ESTIA R32 Wi-Fi interface and the Toshiba Home AC Control app allows users to optimize thermal comfort on-site or remotely. The app is compatible with voice control via Google Assistant or Amazon's Alexa.

For more information, visit the company's TOSHIBA page on the PdD portal.