New generation of Panasonic Aquarea K and L series heat pumps

Available in spring 2023, the Aquarea Generation K and L heat pumps are the latest units developed at Panasonic's research and development centers.

Ideal for use in new building renovations

The new models focus on improving energy efficiency and offering units with natural refrigerant:

- The K-generation Aquarea uses R32 refrigerant and is ideal for heating, cooling and hot water production, providing exceptional performance, even at extremely low outdoor temperatures. It is also available in T-CAP verasion.
- Aquarea Generation L, on the other hand, uses natural refrigerant R290. Models in this line have a hydraulic connection between the indoor and outdoor units, providing an outlet water temperature of up to 75°C at outdoor temperatures as low as -10°C.

Both generations are ideal for retrofit applications, when renovating a home with existing radiators, and for new and well-insulated buildings.

Both generations benefit from reduced noise levels, up to 8 dB(A) less than previous models, offering more options for outdoor unit locations. They also offer even higher levels of efficiency for greater savings, offering SCOPs of up to 5.12.

Nowe pompy ciepła Panasonic Aquarea generacji K i L

Panasonic's new K and L generation Aquarea heat pumps

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Unique design

Although there are technical and technological differences between the two new generations of Aquarea units, they share a common design in terms of indoor units, which keep the premium white color true to the Aquarea spirit, ensuring a seamless fit with any interior.
The outdoor units will fit even the most stylish homes, integrating Panasonic's best technologies in a new, contemporary and premium anthracite housing.

Simple control

The latest generations come standard with a new controller that offers intuitive operation. An optional second controller is also available for 2-zone systems.

The systems have the ability to intelligently control and monitor energy consumption through dedicated apps. The Aquarea Service Cloud is available for installers and maintenance companies, enabling real-time remote monitoring of installations. In addition, for end users, the Aquarea Smart Cloud app offers intuitive control of heat pumps from a smartphone, tablet or computer, offering remote programming of heating and cooling, monitoring of energy consumption and notification in case of anomalies.

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