IMPACT heat pump - a reliable and safe source of heat for years to come!

Advanced technology in response to market needs

MDV brand engineers are constantly working to adapt equipment to the changing needs and requirements of their customers. The world has changed direction, with an emphasis on ecology, energy-saving measures and technological development being the key to change. Heat pumps are an effective and safe answer to the low COP of existing heating solutions.

Feel the IMPACT

The IMPACT heat pump is heating for your home with no exhaust fumes and low power consumption. The device is characterized by maintenance-free operation, wide operating temperature range and long compressor life.

Nowość w ofercie MDV - pompa ciepła powietrze-powietrze

New in MDV's offer - air-to-air heat pump


How does the IMPACT heat pump work?

Heat pumps use a renewable energy source - atmospheric air. The basis of the pump's operation is heat transfer. As a source of renewable energy, a heat pump uses the energy accumulated in the air to heat, cool or heat DHW. The pump uses the outside air, which, thanks to the refrigerant and appropriate compression, produces usable heat, which we will use for heating and domestic hot water preparation. Such operation guarantees several times lower energy consumption than conventional heating solutions. The IMPACT heat pump has received the highest energy efficiency class of equipment - A+++. The heat pump is a guarantee of uninterrupted operation even at - 25st outside! The functionalities and features of the IMPACT heat pump make it a complete device that will take care of all the needs of your home.

Pompa ciepła IMPACT - ekologia i ekonomia dla domu

IMPACT heat pump - ecology and economy for your home


Features and capabilities of the IMPACT heat pump

- Setting the operating mode and temperature (heating, cooling, DHW mode)
- Daily or weekly scheduling (up to 6 groups of settings)
- Integration with BMS building automation system via ModBus protocol
- Enable and disable disinfection function, rapid DHW preparation, vacation mode, ECO mode and quiet mode
- Possibility to control a cascade system (up to 6 devices)
- Control from a dedicated mobile application (Wi-Fi)

Air-to-air heat pump as an alternative for smaller areas

Air conditioners with heating function are air-to-air heat pumps that heat the air taken in and blow it into the room. Good air conditioners with properly selected power can meet the heating needs of a single-family building. One air conditioner that meets these objectives is a newcomer in MDV's product line - Blue XT. The device operates at extremely low outdoor temperatures, even at - 30st. It uses a modern 3rd generation deflector, which directs the air stream in a 180° range, as well as adjusting it vertically 0° and horizontally 0°, ensuring high comfort on hot summer days as well as ideal circulation of warm air, in heating mode, during winter. Thanks to such a solution, the air can spread over the ceiling or floor in a gentle way and imperceptible to humans. The device is ideal for people sensitive to air conditioning and children.

Blue XT z możliwością ustawienia strumienia powietrza w pionie lub poziomie

Blue XT with the ability to adjust the airflow vertically or horizontally


BLUE XT - power and precision in an elegant design

The latest model in the range of MDV,is characterized by exceptional air blast power, successfully reaching 700m3 and spreading up to 9m! A compressor crankcase heater and a drip tray heater are installed as standard, which allow the unit to operate continuously, minimize the possibility of malfunction and extend the efficiency of the unit.

For you, for the Home

Blue XT is distinguished by its incredibly quiet operation, the unit has the ability to operate at 18.4 dB(A) making it an ideal unit for the home. Throughout the year but especially during the autumn and winter seasons, we are exposed to contact with pollutants in the air. BLUE XT comes out to meet us - it has installed an ionizing filter and a high-density filter which makes it possible to enjoy clean air at home.

Blue XT z możliwością ustawienia strumienia powietrza w pionie lub poziomie

Blue XT with the ability to adjust the airflow vertically or horizontally


Subsidy for MDV pumps

Take advantage of the CLEAN AIR and HE AT program - receive a subsidy for a new heat source for your home!
All MDV air-to-air and water-to-air heat pumps are listed on the ZUM Green Appliances List. The devices meet the highest standards of the Institute for Environmental Protection and the Ministry of Climate and Environment. The subsidy will help you replace your old heating device with a new one - safe, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.
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