Airmax 3rd generation - highest performance and timeless design

Airmax3 is the latest generation of air source heat pumps for new and retrofit buildings. The new Airmax3 combines advanced technology and exceptional performance with timeless design and classic form. It is the most eco-friendly central heating heat pump ever. Galmet. Already during its first presentation in Poland, it was awarded the ENEX 2022 Fair Medal and the Gold Medal of the Poznań International Fair INSTALACJE 2022. This is an exceptionally successful Galmet premiere.

Ecology and efficiency

Airmax 3rd generation is ecology, efficiency and comfort at an unprecedented level for both heating and cooling a building. It is a new safe refrigerant. Above all, it is the most modern inverter-controlled scroll compressors with high efficiency and high uniformity of operation over a wide range. Guaranteeing optimal use of the excellent thermodynamic properties of the R290 refrigerant. Ensuring optimal matching of heat pump output to building demand.

Ecology in the new Galmet heat pump is not only the environmentally safe refrigerant with GWP (greenhouse effect potential) = 3, but also the low energy demand of the heat pump translating into low operating costs. By combining an efficient inverter compressor and natural refrigerant R290, Galmet engineers have created a heat pump much more efficient than its previous version. With stable high operating parameters and record efficiency COP = 5.2 (Airmax3 12GT, 14GT for A7W35). With a constant maximum supply temperature of the heating circuit of almost 68°C practically over the entire operating range (i.e. for air temp. from -5°C to 20°C). Of quality confirmed by the highest energy class A+++ (A7W35).

Onebox - szafa hydrauliczna

Onebox - hydraulic cabinet


Even better!

Engineers from Galmet's research and development department for hybrid heating systems and heat pumps also took care of the best possible acoustic properties of the latest design. The new generation Airmax is 13% "quieter" than its predecessor (acoustic power of Airmax3 12GT vs Airmax2 12GT).

The Airmax3 air source heat pump also features a new housing design and new dimensions. The 23% lower outdoor unit (Airmax3 12GT) makes it easier to install also under a window.

In designing a heat pump to power the most demanding installations with radiator heating, but also mixed and underfloor heating, Galmet engineers faced the difficult task of developing a heat pump that would combine even greater attention to ecology, exceptional performance and simple installation. The new Airmax is just that. Long months of testing under extreme conditions in a cooling chamber in the Galmet laboratory and many years of experience have yielded a solution with exceptional performance and functionality.

Onebox - szafa hydrauliczna

Onebox - hydraulic cabinet


Power intelligently adjusted

The new Airmax3 provides an efficient, environmentally friendly and easy-to-install solution for use in new energy-efficient installations, but especially in modernized buildings with radiator installations. The large selection of 5, 7, 12 and 14 GT units with a wide range of power modulation (Airmax3 12GT about 3-12 kW) makes it a recommended solution for both small and large houses.

A modern heat pump should also have features and equipment that used to be an option and are now an absolute "must have". Airmax3 is exactly that.

A cooling function, an intuitive application with a full range of functions for the user and service technician, a large easy-to-read control panel with a high-resolution color screen, support for wireless room sensors, a complete set of sensors, cooperation with other heat sources and ventilation system or Smart Gride and Modbus are just some of them.
Intuitive, simple and quick installation by the installer of the Airmax 3rd generation heat pump and convenience in use by householders is provided by a dedicated internal hydronic module.

Get more!

The exceptional performance and quality of the new Galmet heat pump is confirmed by a certificate issued by an accredited laboratory which is an exception among Polish heat pump manufacturers. Airmax3 air heat pump is the best proof that technologically excellent, durable and economical devices of a renowned brand can be a source of "green" and cheap energy in our homes. All the more so since for their purchase and installation it is possible to receive subsidies in programs supporting ecological heating devices, such as the Clean Air Program or My Heat.

Detailed information on the selection, installation and use of heat pumps is provided by engineers from the Galmet National Advisory Center for Heating Technology at or phone number 77 403 45 60.

For more information, visit the company's Galmet page on the PdD portal.