Efficient heating and cooling in one - fan coils for home use

Whether you're doing a renovation or starting construction of a new building, nowadays the key consideration when choosing technology is the energy efficiency of the solution and its sustainability impact. Therefore, one of the most important considerations is to use a heating solution that works with renewable energy sources, reduces emissions and operates at lower temperatures, increasing the efficiency of the overall system.

A solution that meets these requirements are fan coils, which can both heat and cool, and thus allow you to enjoy a comfortable indoor climate 365 days a year. Purmo 's offer includes the innovative and energy-efficient Vido S2 fan coil, which provides optimal heating and cooling of rooms. Heat pumps are at the top of the list of energy-efficient solutions for new buildings and homes that are environmentally friendly for heating and cooling the home and using renewable energy. However, to maximize the efficiency of a heat pump, it must be combined with a low-temperature heat emitter. In the case of single-family homes, heat pumps are currently used mainly in conjunction with underfloor heating, but also in addition to it. This is because underfloor heating provides the most comfortable temperature distribution in the room.

Klimakonwektor Vido S2 jest bardzo uniwersalny - można go zamontować na ścianie, podłodze, suficie lub w zabudowie

The Vido S2 fan coil is very versatile - it can be mounted on the wall, floor, ceiling or built-in


However, we must keep in mind that every building has different heating or cooling needs in different rooms. They may have different uses, and also the expectations of the occupants may differ in terms of comfort in terms of temperature, for example, an occasionally used study, guest room or fitness room will certainly require a lower temperature. Another factor that affects thermal comfort is the sunlight exposure, the orientation of the room relative to the world and the floor on which the room is located. For example, rooms with south-facing windows or located in the attic have higher heat gains. This is especially important in summer, when more cooling is needed in a short period of time. In such cases, an excellent complement to underfloor heating and cooling will be the new-generation Vido S2 fan coil offered by Purmo. The unit is equipped with a heat exchanger with a small water capacity, which, combined with a fan and smooth speed control, provides instant response and efficient operation without sacrificing energy efficiency. For example, the cooling capacity of the smallest fan coil with a width of only 735 mm is as much as 3-4 times larger (!!!) than one loop, which is approx. 10 m2 of floor cooling!

Klimakonwektor Vido S2 to rozwiązanie, które zapewnia optymalne ogrzewanie i chłodzenie pomieszczeń

Vido S2 fan coil is a solution that provides optimal heating and cooling of rooms


Fan coil improves energy performance in modernized buildings

Existing buildings that are being modernized to improve their energy efficiency are ideal for the use of fan coils, which can work in conjunction with both modern low-temperature condensing boilers and heat pumps. The heating capacity of the Vido S2 fan coil is more than 80% times greater than that of a radiator of the same size at low heat pump water temperature (40/35/20°C).In addition, this solution is versatile, universal and allows a wide variety of mounting options on the wall, floor, ceiling or built-in. The Vidos S2 fan coil can be easily installed in any interior, except in rooms with high humidity such as bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms. Installation of Vido S2 is also possible directly on the floor right next to high windows. All you need to do is to use the appropriate accessories, i.e. floor mounting adapters and a rear decorative panel.

Heating and cooling in one

Due to climate change, hot days with lots of sunshine are becoming more frequent in our latitudes. Therefore, users are looking for effective solutions to cool the house efficiently. In this case, the best choice is the Vido S2 fan coil, which can be used to both heat and cool the house if combined with a reversible heat pump or a separate cooling source. The infinitely variable fan speed technology delivers a precise amount of energy to the room and minimizes noise levels. As a result, the Vido S2 operates quietly, almost silently, regardless of whether it is in heating or cooling mode. This is an excellent alternative to having to install a separate, additional air conditioning unit.

Klimakonwektor Vido S2 pracuje bardzo cicho - zarówno w trybie grzania, jak i chłodzenia

Vido S2 fan coil works very quietly - both in heating and cooling mode


Intelligent control system

Purmo's Vido S2 fan coil is designed to fit into any installation, allowing great flexibility when it comes to interior design. In addition, the unit has an intelligent control system, which can be managed by a built-in or remote controller, allowing the control of up to 30 individual units. It is also possible to connect the controller to a smart building control system.
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