Energy-efficient heating without coal and gas

The need for decarbonization and the need to become independent of gaseous fuels are causing more and more investors to turn their attention to alternative ways of heating their homes, using renewable energy sources. Devices that will ensure energy independence and at the same time reduce expenses associated with heating a building include heat pumps. But not only...

Deepening climate change has cranked up the pace of the inevitable energy transition aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and achieving climate neutrality. The decision to switch to renewable energy sources is further dynamized by the current energy situation and galloping fuel prices.

The desire, or even the necessity, to become independent of gas and coal, as well as the need to optimize energy consumption for heating purposes, are driving an increasing number of investors towards equipment based on renewable energy sources. In addition to ensuring energy independence, they allow to reduce expenses related to the maintenance of the building, and through emission-free operation, they also protect the environment.

Heating with a heat pump

Emission-free heating of a building and hot water with renewable energy allows to realize heat pumps, which are becoming increasingly common in our country. In addition to the popular air-source pumps, brine/water heat pumps, such as the Vitocal 200-G, are a noteworthy solution due to their high energy efficiency. Since these devices extract energy from the ground, whose temperature at a certain depth is constant and always positive, they can operate with high efficiency, providing the expected thermal comfort and low-cost heating, even during heavy frosts. Appropriately matched to the heat demand of the building, the Vitocal brine-to-water pump can thus be the only source of heat in the house - without the need to support another source during low temperatures.

Kocioł elektryczny Vitotron 100

Vitotron 100 electric boiler


Electric boilers

Although the decision to install a heat pump is facilitated by various support programs that offer subsidies for the purchase and installation of these devices, such a solution is not always feasible. An alternative to heat pumps that will make you independent of gas or solid fuels are electric boilers. Vitotron 100 is an advanced heating device that, like a heat pump, provides maintenance-free operation, comfortable operation and clean heating - without fumes and smog. Its advantage is also inexpensive installation. Integration of the electric boiler into the existing heating system is seamless, so in older buildings they can serve as an additional source of heat without costly modernization.

The Vitotron 100 electric boiler will also work well for new, energy-efficient buildings. Their demand for heating energy is so small that the use of an electric boiler, combined with a cheaper energy tariff and a heat storage system in the form of a buffer tank, will ensure inexpensive heating with relatively low investment costs.

Kompaktowa pompa ciepła typu solanka/woda Vitocal 222-G z wbudowanym zasobnikiem c.w.u.

Vitocal 222-G compact brine-to-water heat pump with integrated DHW tank.


Heating in duo with photovoltaics

Both a heat pump and an electric-powered boiler need electricity to operate. However, both units can use the free electricity generated from solar energy by the Vitovolt photovoltaic system for this purpose. Combining the advantages of heat storage and the production of free electricity will ensure the lowest cost of heating a house with both a heat pump and an electric boiler. The cooperation of the heat pump or electric boiler with the Vitovolt photovoltaic system also guarantees complete energy independence and will ensure that 100% clean energy - without emissions hazardous to health and the environment - is used for heating purposes.

Klimatyzator z funkcją grzania Vitoclima 300-S

Vitoclima 300-S air conditioner with heating function


Heating with an air conditioner

A way to heat apartments and houses emission-free and reduce the cost of heating with conventional fuels is also to install a Vitoclima air conditioner with heating function. Such a device, in addition to its standard purpose of cooling air in summer, can also heat rooms, working in this function like a heat pump. This means that it takes the free renewable energy accumulated in the outside air and transfers it as heat to the room. Vitoclima air conditioners with the heating function can provide room heating even at outdoor temperatures as low as -15°C. Their installation is hassle-free, making them an economical and comfortable alternative to gas or coal heating - without the need for costly upgrades. Like heat pumps and electric boilers, they can be powered by free energy from a photovoltaic system.

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