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#City Video Talks. Professor Zbigniew Nęcki on the price of spatial chaos

19 of October '22

#Video Talks about the City

We present the next video in our series of short statements by architects, urban planners, scientists and people connected with architecture and its related fields, "#Video Talks about the City." At the beginning, we will present daily video clips from the panel organized by the Malopolska Regional Chamber of Architects of Poland within the framework of the International Architecture Biennale Krakow 2021, and right now we encourage you to send in more questions you would like us to ask the experts (you can send your questions to:

The guests invited by the Chamber address issues that can be divided into five topics: the principles of development of urban structures, the role of space in shaping social attitudes, spatial planning tools, revitalization of space, zones and educational facilities, and preparation and professionalization of tasks.


The price of spatial chaos in economic, spatial, cultural terms


Prof. Zbigniew Nęcki - social psychologist, former long-time director of the Institute of Economics and Management at the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Author of many works on managing human teams, negotiation techniques and business psychology. He has given papers and lectures in many academic centers abroad, including the USA, Mexico, India, Nepal, Italy, Great Britain, Finland. He is a regular participant in journalistic television and radio programs and a commentator on current social events. He has published eight books and more than a hundred articles in the field of human relations. He is currently dean of the Faculty of Psychology and Humanities at the A. Frycz Modrzewski Academy in Cracow.

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