ZAHO Lighting profiles

30 of April '22

ZAHO Lighting Profiles

Z60 is a modern, flexible system for designing lighting in spaces. Thanks to the system based on aluminum profiles with a width of just 30 mm, you can build light combinations tailored to individual needs. Connecting profiles of different lengths with linear, angular connectors allows you to create a light line that is ideal for different architectural conditions. There is the possibility of ceiling and pendant installation thanks to the accessories used.

What primarily distinguishes the Z60 system is the possibility of using various lighting inserts mounted in the profile. Very simple way of installation. The flexibility provided by the Z60 system with different inserts proves itself in rooms where, in addition to efficiency, light is required to ensure the highest comfort of working and staying in the room. Using a profile with an insert with a special reflector that reduces the effect of glare (UGR<19) or an insert with the use of a microprismatic diffuser allow you to provide optimal lighting in places such as offices, conference rooms, lecture halls.

In addition, it is possible to use a cartridge equipped with reflectors that allow precise illumination of the area thanks to the optics used. The last element to complete the Z60 system is a wide range of LED spotlights, which are used in entrance halls, receptions. It is also worth mentioning that the use of individual cartridges in one system still allows you to individually control a given unit.

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