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06 of February '23

Already on February 8 launches a pilot project, premiered at BUDMA! It is aimed at dealers and will help them acquire new customers.

The latest project introduced by Eko-Okna S.A. is aimed at expanding the qualifications of dealers selling windows, doors and garage doors. Participation in the project is quite free, and the meetings are held online. The next ones are already on February 8 and March 8.

The project, of which we are the forerunner, enjoyed great interest during BUDMA. It was created with both our business partners and customers in mind. We encourage you to take part in it and take advantage of the opportunity for greater profits," says Michal Maciejewski, director of the commercial and purchasing division of Eco-Windows.

During the webinars, information will be provided about the Clean Air 3.0 program and Eko-Okna's products eligible for the program will be presented.

By taking part in the trainings, you will expand your competencies and help your new customers properly fill out applications for the program. Such a skill will make you recognizable in the market. Customers will be more likely to take advantage of your sales offer knowing that you can save both time and money. The new version of the program means higher subsidies and a greater emphasis on thermo-modernization, such as replacing woodwork with more thermo-insulating ones.

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