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Wine tasting surrounded by the Portuguese landscape. A project by students of the Gdansk University of Technology

02 of November '20

Szymon Kowalski and Szymon Kulikowski designed a wine tasting space surrounded by a picturesque vineyard and Portuguese nature. Their project took part in an international competition entitled. "Monte d'Oiro Wine Tasting Room" organized by the Bee Breeders platform.

The wine tasting room design competition is part of the Portuguese project series of the Bee Breeders platform. The competition was organized in collaboration with Quinta Do Monte D'Oiro, a family-owned winery located in the Lisbon region.

Wnętrze przestrzeni
degustacyjnej Wejście na taras widokowy

The center of the space is a large table

© Szymon Kowalski, Szymon Kulikowski

a winery with traditions

Quinta do Monte d'Oiro is a forty-two hectare estate with a history of wine production dating back to the 17th century. The area where the vineyard is located is known for its ideal conditions for producing sustainable, fresh wines. The current brand, owned by José Bento dos Santos, has been producing organic Syrahs, Viogniers and Petit Verdots since the 1990s. As part of the competition, the winery sought design ideas for a wine tasting room designed for about thirty people. The sixty-square-meter space was to be open and provide simple amenities such as running water and storage. The design was to take into account existing facilities while becoming an architectural landmark. The jury was looking for designs that used natural materials and offered a unique space.

Rzut i przekrój
sali degustacyjnej Aksonometria projektu sali

The structure of the building is made of CLT-type wooden beams

© Szymon Kowalski, Szymon Kulikowski

Wine tasting in a Portuguese landscape setting

When designing the tasting room, the authors' main goal was to capture as much daylight as possible, flowing freely inside the structure and the view of the surrounding landscape. Following this idea, the architects placed a box inside the structure that allows the pavilion to be circled with the possibility of admiring the surrounding scenery. Thanks to its location on a small slope, the view of the vineyard is breathtaking, and observation is facilitated by the pavilion's roof terrace. A huge wooden table placed exactly in the center of the facility is its centerpiece, bringing people together during wine tasting.

Projekt sali do
degustacji wina położony jest w Portugalii

The facility was intended as an architectural landmark

© Szymon Kowalski, Szymon Kulikowski

Thestructure of the facility is made of CLT-type wooden beams, which facilitates construction and potential reuse in the future. CLT wood also reduces the carbon footprint compared to other materials. Whether the curtains and blinds are open or closed they direct the visitor's gaze to the vineyard resembling a natural image that changes throughout the year. By designing a special wine display connected to the bar, the authors have increased the space for displaying the products of the local winery. A potential customer can buy a bottle of wine here and keep the scenery and taste of Quinta Monte d'Oiro in his memory for a long time.

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