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Senior Citizens' Home in Łódź. The project of a student at the shortlist of the international competition

05 of March '24
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  1. The Beyond Isolation international competition focused on designs for residential buildings for the elderly, whose features and innovative solutions will reduce the effects of social isolation.
  2. Natalia Dembinskaya's project was shortlisted for the competition. Her Senior House in Lodz focuses on combining comfortable housing, medical care and social activation.
  3. The Senior Citizen's House combines modernity with tradition, integrating private and public zones through a green atrium and outdoor terraces.
  4. The facility is adapted for people with limited mobility, and additionally includes a greenhouse, which serves an integrative function and allows growing plants all year round.
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A {tag:studenci} from Łódź University of Technology also took part in the international competition Beyond Isolation: Senior Housing. Her project is a Senior Home that could be built in Łódź. The concept, which combines comfortable housing, adequate medical care and social activation, was shortlisted for the Buildner competition.

The international competition focused on alleviating the effects of isolation experienced by an aging population worldwide. The organizers wanted to highlight the problem of loneliness present among seniors. They were looking for high-quality housing designs and housing strategies with features that allow seniors to engage in neighborhood life. The location of the project could be any, and the regulations encouraged the design of facilities integrated with additional functions, such as stores, workshops and exchange centers. We wrote about the composition of the jury and the exact guidelines in the article Swidermayer with CLT. Re-Sanatorium project doubly awarded concerning the project by Warsaw University of Technology students Ewa Maniak, Karolina Rorat, Zofia Zwijacz. The team received as many as two awards Third Prize and the Buildner Student Award.

Przestrzeń wspólna w Domu Seniora

common space in the Senior Citizen's House

© Natalia Dembińska

Senior Citizens' Home in Łódź

In addition to the awards and prizes, the shortlist for the competition was also announced. On it were several projects from Poland including Better Together by Natalia Dembinska from the Technical University of Łódź.

Developing cities and rising housing costs intensify the need to create spaces that meet the needs of different user groups — in this case, the elderly. The subject of my work is the Senior Citizens' House in Łódź. The concept of the building along with the surrounding space was created on the basis of the accepted claim that architecture is a direct factor influencing the structuring of society and multifaceted thinking on the designed spaces is recommended, which directly contributes to the elimination of the problem of alienation of the elderly group. Studies show that by the middle of the 21st century, one in five people on Earth will be over 60. Therefore, there is a need for specific measures in the field of architecture to create spaces that will create conditions for a long, happy life," says the author.

Dom Seniora wraz ze szklarnią

A senior citizen's house together with a greenhouse

© Natalia Dembinskaya

The main goal was to create a space that users would associate with home, while at the same time providing adequate care, appropriate to their age. The student wanted to change the thinking about this type of facilities and show how important it is to think multifaceted in the context of their design.

Dom Seniora w Łodzi, plan zagospodarowania terenu

Senior Citizens' Home in Łódź, site plan

© Natalia Dembinskaya

modernity and tradition

TheSenior Citizen's House is located on a corner plot at the intersection of Książka and Łupkowa Streets in Łódź, in the Bałuty district. The site is located near residential neighborhoods, a school and a hospice, which allows residents to integrate with nearby communities.

Dom Seniora, rzut parteru

Senior Citizen House, first floor plan

© Natalia Dembinska

Designed by an architecture student, the block combines modernity with tradition. The basis for shaping was to refer to a residential neighborhood, while preserving the form of a single building. The building contains both private and public zones, which are connected by means of a green atrium, outdoor terraces, or functions designed for communal spending and integration.

Szklarnia w Domu Seniora

The greenhouse at the Senior House

© Natalia Dembinskaya

a building for everyone

The facility is adapted to people with limited mobility. Doors, passageways and floors are created with a no-threshold system. The apartments have been adapted to the needs of all users, and multifunctional, mobile furniture can easily change its use.

Koncepcja Domu Seniora w Łodzi znalazła się na shortliście

Green atriums are conducive to spending time together

© Natalia Dembinskaya

An additional feature is a greenhouse, where residents can grow plants all year round. They are irrigated by rainwater, collected in a tank integrated into the building's drainage system, connected to the irrigation system. The greenhouse also serves as a connecting area and a place to spend active time together.

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