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The promotion "Twinson Terrace. Pure Beauty" by Deceuninck

24 of March '21

At the beginning of March, Deceuninck launched a promotion under the slogan "Twinson Terrace. Pure beauty". The promotion relates to the company's flagship outdoor product, drawing attention to the aesthetics and ease of maintenance and care of Twinson terraces. As part of the purchase of a terrace, customers who complete the application will additionally receive a gift: a pressure washer or preparations for the care of the purchased terrace. The promotion lasts until June 8, 2021.

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Extremely easy to maintain

Why choose Twinson decking? Thanks to the use of an innovative combination of PVC and wood, Twinson products do not require additional maintenance, such as oiling or varnishing, but only standard care, while maintaining full resistance to microbiological corrosion.

How to care for Twinson terraces?

It is quite simple. The important thing is the first cleaning - right after installation, followed by low-maintenance care - at least twice a year - to maintain the high quality of the terrace. After installation, it is essential to clean the terrace thoroughly with water, soap solution and a soft brush. After winter and in autumn, it's a good idea to rinse the boards with water using a garden hose or a high-pressure washer (nozzle at a distance of 30 cm from the surface, we do not recommend using a rotary nozzle) with a pressure limit of 100 bar. Such standard care is the key to keeping the terrace looking good for years to come. Not very complicated, right?

Twinson terrace

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Twinson Terrace. Pure beauty.

The appearance of a terrace should blend harmoniously with its surroundings - be it a green garden, a patio, a pier or the roof of an office building. Twinson will be perfect for any such role, as it offers a wealth of colors and various surface textures, providing almost unlimited design possibilities. On top of that, maintaining a Twinson terrace requires little effort. A beautiful, well-maintained terrace can be the perfect showcase for our home.

Durable and safe

Twinson boards have full resistance to microbiological corrosion. In addition, unlike wood planks, they do not spontaneously crack, do not warp, and there is no risk of splinters. Thanks to their non-slip (R12/Class C), grooved surface, they provide complete safety of use. Twinson is also resistant to weathering. It has a 25-year warranty against biodegradation and a 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Twinson terraces

Photo: © Deceuninck

For each purchased Twinson Terraces gift

During the promotion period, i.e. from March 8 to June 8 this year, as part of the purchase of a terrace, customers who complete the application will receive a gift: a Karcher pressure washer or a set of Clean & Cleaner care liquids from the Deceuninck range. The selection of the gift is determined by the value of the purchased terrace (see the Promotion Regulations for details). The gift will be delivered to the customer within 21 days of completing the application.

The promotion lasts until June 8 or until the stock of gifts runs out.

How to take advantage of the promotion?

Customers interested in purchasing a Twinson terrace can fill out the application form here A specialist will contact the customer and indicate the most conveniently located showroom for him. The customer can also contact the Twinson Distributor showroom himself and ask for details directly.

After purchasing a Twinson terrace (board, joists, installation system) from the Distributor, it is necessary to report the purchase using the above website. Within a maximum of 21 days, the corresponding gift will go to the customer at the address indicated.

Details of the promotion are available in the Terms and Conditions located on the website - please read them before participating in the promotion.

For more information, visit Deceuninck 's A&B website.

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