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Ensure indoor comfort with VELUX Commercial products

29 of January '24

Ventilation always takes on a completely different meaning in summer, at a time when everyone wants to let fresh air into the building. Nevertheless, this fact is often forgotten in winter, where especially during this period there is a noticeable tendency to over-seal rooms. Restricting the flow of fresh air promotes the accumulation of moisture, germs and other harmful substances.

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of this, as well as the benefits of proper ventilation in all spaces. It is crucial for ensuring high air quality by lowering carbon dioxide levels and removing pollutants, and thus brings fresh air into the room where we spend about 90% of our time. It plays a key role in terms of occupant comfort, and that's not all. Ventilationreduces energy consumption, increases productivity, concentration and efficiency in commercial spaces, and has a significant impact on health and well-being. Studies show that with the right ventilation strategy, productivity can increase by up to 15% when building occupants work in a ventilated environment.

Świetliki kopułkowe

Dome skylights

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VELUX Commercial offers products to ensure adequate and natural ventilation. A building with an activated ventilation strategy can prevent it from overheating, especially in rooms with machinery, electronics or a large number of occupants. Natural ventilation cooling aims to improve thermal comfort in industrial, commercial and public buildings by supplying outside air at the actual temperature at the right time and rate to quickly replace hot and stale indoor air. This cools interior spaces and provides users with a comfortable environment for working, studying or relaxing. Natural ventilation is introduced at the planning stage of the building project. To provide additional thermal comfort, solar shading can be added to skylights and skylight windows.

Modułowe świetliki wentylacyjne

Modular ventilation skylights

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