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Architecture is "The Art of Building Circumstances." Przemek Kaczkowski in his series "10 Questions to..."

16 of September '21

"10 Questions to..." is a series of short interviews with architects and female architects, to whom we address the same pool of questions. In today's installment of the mini-interview, Przemek Kaczkowski of STOPROCENT Architects talks about the most important buildings and the most inspiring city.

Przemek Kaczkowski - a graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at Wroclaw University of Technology. He gained professional experience in New York and the Danish city of Odense, among other places. Since 2006, he worked in the Estudio Lamela office co-designing large-scale buildings. Co-founder and lead architect of the Warsaw studio STOPROCENT Architects.

1. architecture in three words...?

A few striking triads come to mind:

- Place, Man, Time.
- Equation with Multiple Unknowns.
- The Art of Building Circumstances.

But at the same time, I have a feeling that none of them exhaust the subject and there remains something elusive that escapes in them. It's nice that it's not so trivial.

2. the three most important buildings for you...?

a. National Museum in Wroclaw by Karl Friedrich Endell. I really like this part of my hometown.
b. The two towers of the World Trade Center by architect Minoru Yamasaki. I appreciate them for their timeless elegance and streamlined form.
c. The Oslo Opera House designed by the Snøhetta office. For the overall design.

3. the most important book on architecture...?

I don't want to sound like a troglodyte, but I'll admit that I don't really enjoy reading architecture. There are few books that are swallowable for me. Maybe "Delirious New York" by Rem Koolhaas?

4 Most inspiring city and why...?

New York. This city is like a great catalyst for inspiration. It draws its energy from its multicultural community of residents, processes it and generously redistributes it.

5. architect with whom you would like to design something and why...?

I would love to divide with Mies - I borrowed from him a design method based on capturing unnecessary things. And from the living? I think with Kengo Kuma. I like his individual way and transcendental approach to design issues.

6. hand drawing or computer drawing?

In design, rather computer drawing. I like to draw by hand only for pleasure and avoid drawing architecture.

7. mockup or 3D model?

I am convinced that mock-ups better convey the truth of spatial relationships, but in practice I more often model in 3D.

8. modernism or postmodernism?

Modernism. Although postmodernism sometimes disappoints me :)

9. working after hours or sports?

Work after hours, but sports have to be some too.

10. architecture or business?

You have to be able to combine it to be able to live from what you like.

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