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Quiet operation of kitchen hoods

02 of December '19

The kitchen is a special place - it is the heart of every home. Coming back tired from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you desire silence. Now you can prepare meals, cook dinner without unnecessary noise and unpleasant smells resulting from poorly working ventilation. We have a solution to your problems, give yourself and your loved ones silence. Vero-150 roof fan is the comfort you deserve. Our designers created it for you! We are where the inspiration is.

Today's kitchens are modern, equipped with the most technically sophisticated equipment, they make life easier for the household members who use them. We have food processors, mixers, centrifuges, modern ovens, microwaves or steam ovens. Everything is stuffed with electronics with timekeeping, devices that maintain the right temperature, etc.

The kitchen room with its working area is often open to the rest of our home - the elegant living room, where we relax, discuss or receive guests. In this living room, it is important that the sounds coming from a "production room" such as the kitchen be as little disturbing as possible to the peace and quiet we enjoy so much when relaxing. Unfortunately, while cooking we are often forced to intensively ventilate the kitchen room and turn on the fans working in the kitchen hoods. It happens that the intensity of the resulting odors is so great that a fan turned on at top speed emits such noise that it becomes impossible to watch a soccer match or your favorite TV series on the living room TV screen.

The solution is to mount the fan outside. In this way, the noise emitted by the impeller is minimized while the efficiency of the kitchen hood remains unchanged. The Vero-150 fan is a three-speed unit, you can adjust the amount of exhaust air as needed with the installed switches. We have the expected effect when it comes to the elimination of odors while cooking with acoustic comfort - the lady and the gentleman of the house, now they can already, after a hard day, focus on reading the recipes of the dishes just created and relax in the comfort of the home.

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