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Red Dot Design Award for Tetrix roof tiles

30 of October '23

Start-up Tetrix Roofs and two young designers Kajetan Topolewski and Adam Friedrich have been honored with one of the most prestigious awards in industrial design - Red Dot Design in the Best of the Best category. The award ceremony took place on September 27 in Singapore, bringing together the attention of the design industry from around the world.

The Red Dot Design Award is a design award that promotes and recognizes unique, groundbreaking designs from a variety of industries. As every year, among the awarded ideas there was no lack of Polish accents. One of them is the concept of a family of ecological flat composite roof tiles.

ekologiczne dachówki kompozytowe Tetrix

Tetrix ecological composite roof tiles

© TetrixRoofs

The awarding of our idea with this year's Red Dot Design award in the Best of the Best category is, in our opinion, a confirmation that the construction market is ready to accept products that combine: innovation, modern design and an ecological approach, says Kajetan Topolewski.
Our idea was to create a product that would go beyond the traditional, rather conservative line of the roofing market, dominated by tin and ceramic roofing, adds Adam Friedrich.

The main attributes of eco-friendly composite roofing tiles revolve around environmental and aesthetic aspects. On the design side, the Tetrix start-up relies on the modern aesthetics of flat roof tiles in line with the trend of minimalism, offering simple and clean lines aimed primarily at modern architecture.

ekologiczne dachówki kompozytowe Tetrix

Tetrix eco-friendly composite roof tiles

© TetrixRoofs

Considering the ecological dimension, it should be emphasized that the composite from which the tiles are produced binds together, for a practically unlimited period of time, materials derived from recycled plastic waste. The start-up assumes that in the future the roof tiles will be thoroughly ecological, and sand, the second component of the component, will be replaced by another material. This could be "sand" extracted from ground glass bottles. Producing tiles only from recycled materials solves the problem of high demand for non-renewable raw materials and reduces the amount of waste going to landfills.

ekologiczne dachówki kompozytowe Tetrix

Tetrix eco-friendly composite roof tiles - the concept

© TetrixRoofs

The concept behind our tiles is to create a product that will be seen in the market as an alternative to traditional roofing. By offering a tile that weighs twice as much as a clay tile, does not differ in properties from its ceramic competitors, and additionally has higher durability, we are signaling that with our tiles it will be possible to build roofs with less labor and materials," says Lukasz Hodorowicz, CEO of Tetrix Roofs.

The tile concept itself is not the end of the story. Tetrix Roofs is now launching production of the Calm, Sarma and Buran family of roof tiles. The start-up's creators hope that composite roof tiles will be the link between the need to protect our planet and the idea of creating modern living spaces. This is also confirmed by signals from industry specialists: architects, developers and roofers, who are already very interested in Tetrix tiles.

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