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Return of timeless corsets

30 of October '19

The "Modernism" collection, prepared by Ceramika Paradyż and Studio Ganszyniec, has just gone on sale. The designers have not only accurately recreated the shape of corsets, the characteristic pre-war tiles, but have also expanded the collection to include universal square and hexagonal tiles, which will allow the designs to be used in room arrangements of any style and type of purpose.

Gorsets are ceramic tiles with distinctive indentations, which were a very important element of interior design in pre-war Poland. Tiles could be found not only in elegant modernist tenements, but also in simple service points and stores. Remnants of these pre-war artful designs can still be found in historic buildings throughout Poland. After years of oblivion, the distinctive floors and walls began to gain popularity again, but creating new corsets seemed an almost impossible task to accomplish.

Return of pre-war classics

Ceramika Paradyż, together with esteemed designer Maja Ganszyniec, decided to recreate the timeless charm, practicality and durability of corsets in the joint "Modernizm" collection. The products not only faithfully reproduce the shape and charm of the corset, but with the use of modern production technologies, they further enhance its durability and practicality. As in the case of the pre-war originals, it was decided to use stoneware dyed in the mass - very durable and design versatile. In addition, when designing the collection, the creators opted for timeless, subdued colors that will find their way into both commercial and domestic interiors: black, white, gray, blue, brick and ochre.

gorseciki gorseciki

Proposed by Maja Ganszyniec and Paradyż Ceramics experts, the 16 corsetry mosaics measuring 30.86×30.86 cm recall pre-war design. However, in order to adapt the gorse mosaics to the requirements of modern interior designers, the "Modernism" collection was expanded to include additional tile formats 19.8×19.8 cm and 59.8×59.8 cm, hexagons 19.8×17.1 cm and square mosaics 29.8×29.8 cm. The designers' idea was to make the collection accessible in design and price to the widest possible range of people fascinated by Polish design.

We have wonderful pre-war patterns in interior design. At that time, natural, beautiful and durable materials were used: wood, ceramics, brass. It is worth drawing on these traditions. Today, in places that have not been destroyed, we can still admire the charm of gorse floors. It's important that, as in the past, affordable products are beautiful, natural and durable. Just like corsetry," explains the project by Maja Ganszyniec.


The "Modernizm" collection is available for sale in the Ceramika Paradyż showroom network and through the e-store at:

"Modernizm" Collection

Base colors: black, white, gray, blue, brick, ochre

  • Gorse mosaic
    Format: 30.86×30.86 cm
    Colors: 6 base colors, 10 different colored patterns
    Price: 48,00-52,00 PLN/piece.
  • Square mosaic
    Format: 29.8×29.8 cm
    Colors: 6 base colors
    Price: 41,00 zloty/piece.
  • Square tile
    Format: 19.8×19.8 cm
    Colors: 6 base colors
    Price: 105,00-120,00 PLN/m²
  • Square tile
    Format: 59.8×59.8 cm
    Colors: 6 base colors
    Price: 105,00 PLN/m²
  • Hexagon
    Format: 19,8×17,1 cm
    Colors: 6 base colors
    Price: 126,00 PLN/m²

Maja Ganszyniec
is an internationally acclaimed designer of furniture and industrial products, who runs her own Studio Ganszyniec in Warsaw. Her designs combine innovation and timeless style with ecological solutions. Maja Ganszyniec's works have been shown in exhibitions in Milan, Amsterdam, London and Berlin, among others, and published in major trade magazines such as Domus, Icon, Abitare and Wallpaper. In her career, Ganszyniec has worked with brands such as IKEA, Comforty, Noti and Leroy Merlin. Her collaboration with Ceramika Paradyż is her first project in the ceramic tile industry.

Ceramika Paradyż
is a Polish, family-owned company. The leader and leading manufacturer of ceramic tiles in the country. It has been driving Polish design for 30 years, creating and providing customers around the world with innovative products of unique design and highest quality. The company has won some of the most prestigious design and economic awards - including Dobry Wzór 2018 for the Esagon collection, iF Design 2017 for the Elanda/Elando collection and Red Dot Design Award 2016 for the Trakt collection, as well as the 2018 President's Economic Award and the 2016 Annual Award of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. Ceramika Paradyż is a long-time Patron of the Łódź Design Festival, the largest event dedicated to design in this part of Europe, and a co-initiator of campaigns to improve quality and aesthetics in urban space. The company employs more than 1,600 people, and its facilities include five modern production plants and a state-of-the-art, fully automated high-bay warehouse. It has three proprietary brands: Paradyż as an umbrella brand with a wide range of collections in various styles and formats, and two sub-brands - Paradyż My Way, dedicated to customers seeking individual and innovative design solutions, and Paradyż Classica (formerly Kwadro Ceramika), aimed at those who appreciate classic elegance at an affordable price. The product collections of Paradyż Ceramics are complementary, offering customers wall tiles, floor tiles, clinker, glass decorations and decorative elements in many formats. Paradyż Ceramics is today also a showcase of Polish industry in the world.

Read more on the company's website in our portal HERE.

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