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Ro3kvit - urban coalition in search of methodology for rebuilding Ukraine

26 of May '22

Experts in the fields of urban planning, planning, housing, cultural heritage and related topics such as economics, law, energy or sociology have formed a coalition that will explore ways to rebuild Ukrainian cities. Ro3kvit will operate as an open-source network in close cooperation with students and residents who can join in, sharing ideas and knowledge.

The new meaning of revitalization

Ro3kvit's main area of activity will be the development of a methodology for the physical reconstruction of Ukraine's cities and infrastructure. The experts gathered in the coalition promise to design with the most urgent needs in mind, which must be addressed now, while developing long-term strategies into which the actions taken will be embedded. Building on past experiences and urban policies, the initiators of the action have the ambition to build progressive projects in urban design, urban planning, co-creation of organizations and sustainable development. Among the activities already underway are public debates, supporting the emergence of local action plans, and creating new strategies from scratch for war-affected cities in which the word "revitalization" takes on a whole new dimension.


ro3kvit - ekipa Ro3kvit - ekipa

The ro3kvit team

The work of ro3kvit is carried out on the basis of working thematic groups, which inform each other about the progress of research and complement the solutions developed in other teams. Thanks to the multidisciplinary approach, the knowledge of experts from many fields can be used, and the resulting strategies respond to the broadest possible outlined expectations. Most important in the process, however, remain the local communities, which are the main stakeholders, conversation partners and co-creators of the emerging solutions. Topics are planned with different timelines in mind, in order to start implementing ideas as soon as possible, and to prepare for others that may not be implemented until later.

Inauguracja działań

inaugurating the group's activities

We are fast but cautious, flexible but reliable, creative and professional.


war and reconstruction at the same time


Starting an open discussion about the reconstruction of a country while it is still at war is a delicate subject and requires great caution. Not surprisingly, reconstruction design proposals put forward by starchitects such as Norman Foster are received with reserve and distrust. Ro3kvit also invites individuals and institutions from outside Ukraine to participate in the work, with the proviso that they should have experience working in the country. This approach is intended to ensure at least partial knowledge of the context of the activities being carried out and greater sensitivity. Action cannot wait - Ukrainians and Ukrainian women must be ready to handle all the enormous tasks ahead. Not only were buildings, infrastructure and cities destroyed during the war, the geopolitical situation has also changed. Energy, transportation or IT infrastructure will have to be completely replaced or rebuilt.

Inauguracja działań

inauguration of the group's activities

Kacper Kępiński

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