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Capturing the elusive. Saint-Gobain Glass launches series of inspirational glass videos

04 of May '22

Glazings in architecture have been creating unparalleled design and fascinating solids for many years now. They open up interiors to the outside world, create harmonious space, affect the comfort and satisfaction of users, and help protect the environment. Glass is a material with unlimited possibilities, which has a magical element in it that makes it a one-of-a-kind solution.
Saint-Gobain Glass decided to capture this uniqueness, resulting in a series of inspiring videos in which glass plays a
central role.

Rediscover glass

The Saint-Gobain Glass video series is divided into a teaser episode and four episodes that will focus on particular aspects about modern glass - harmony in architecture, beauty in interiors, the magic of privacy and the comfort of users. The series aims to prove that glass is not one of many building materials, but is one of the most noble tools in the hands of designers and investors.

photo: press materials of Saint-Gobain Glass

Our video series will invite viewers on a journey through the fascinating world of glass, full of inspiration," says Benedykt Korduła, Marketing Director of Saint-Gobain Glass. - The idea behind it is to show how many possibilities innovative, modern glazing offers today and how it works in practice. We were able to achieve this with examples of facade glass, intelligent glass with variable translucency, downętrz glass and the most common window glass. In the footage, we placed great emphasis on the multifaceted comfort of glass solutions that care for people and the environment. This is also an extremely important aspect in the face of ongoing climate change. As experts in sustainable production, we feel it is our duty to inspire people to make conscious choices to protect the planet, as well as to spread knowledge about glass, in accordance with our overriding concern for the environment.

Behind the scenes of glass production

photo: press materials of Saint-Gobain Glass

The film series will take viewers behind the scenes of the production of different types of glass and their practical use in various applications, including on the facades of public buildings, in the exclusive spaces of office buildings and hotels, and in the interiors of homes. Recipients will see how glass, while creating architectural integrity and providing an unparalleled visual experience, guarantees safety and convenience in everyday life and has a positive impact on our health and well-being. We will be introduced to the world of innovative glass solutions by film and theater actor, Patrick Szwichtenberg, who has accepted an invitation to participate in this project.

In this way, Saint-Gobain Glass joins in the celebration of the International Year of Glass declared by the UN General Assembly. The episodes will be available, among others, on the Saint-Gobain Glass channel on the YouTube platform, as well as on the brand's social media profiles.

Announcement of the series: here.

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