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Saint-Gobain Glass presents: CALUMEN® - an online glazing configurator for the care of people and the environment

14 of August '23

Modern architecture is facing environmental challenges. The year 2050, the last stop on the road to achieving climate neutrality for the construction sector as well, is inexorably approaching.

Changes toward creating more energy-efficient, people- and planet-friendly buildings are happening right before our eyes and are made possible through the use of reliable solutions. The common denominator of wellbeing and comprehensive care for the environment has become glass, which is now increasingly dominating projects, and modern technology - including the innovative CALUMEN® glazing configurator from Saint-Gobain Glass - is taking care of its most effective use within a given project.

CALUMEN® is a free tool that responds to the needs of architects, facade consultants, glass processors and facade engineers. The new version of the program has been refined for intuitive, easy operation that goes hand in hand with reliability. In the improved version of the application, the selection of glazing from the Saint-Gobain Glass range is even faster and can be done in two ways: by using the intelligent configurator, which "step-by-step" guides the user through the process, or a special "Reverse" function, which will allow the application to match the solution to the uploaded design on its own. And all this from the browser of a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Saint-Gobain Glass prezentuje: CALUMEN® – internetowy konfigurator przeszkleń w trosce o ludzi i środowisko

Saint-Gobain Glass presents: CALUMEN® - online glazing configurator for the care of people and the environment

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As an all-in-one program, CALUMEN® facilitates real-time data comparison and allows search results to be saved to the user's personal desktop. The tool will help determine the thermal and acoustic insulation of glass, light and energy transmittance, as well as calculate the carbon footprint, the indication of which will be mandatory for every building from 2030. Thus, the configurator allows you to speed up design work and create sustainable buildings with lower energy requirements - to the satisfaction of customers, the relief of the planet and your own professional satisfaction.

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