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Dreams come true

18 of February '22

Imagine being able to use panels in your design that represent whatever comes to your mind. Wood, brick, concrete, rust, stone or single-colored elements arranged in one. Think of how various characters, objects, things will look, allowing you to express more or less abstract ideas. For example, floating elephants, and why not!

Osiedle Wola Nowa

Wola Nowa estate


And now a scene from everyday life. You sit down to design a housing development, company headquarters, restaurant, school, hospital, train station, shopping center. Or you are thinking about making a visualization of a less customized building - a zoo, a spa salon, an embassy. You are looking for a material whose facade will be visually appealing. You can achieve this, among other things, by applying almost any print to the board, so your ideas practically encounter no limitations. A huge support, in a literal sense, is the format of the panels. The 3200/2500 × 1200 × 8 dimensions build the impression that the building is visually much larger than it really is.



© Zoo Lodz

Time for safety

Also consider another fact - large-format panels are definitely easier to install. Just think how many people would have to participate in placing a natural stone surface on a building, rather than decor. The slabs can be glued, no joints, so you save a lot of work for the construction team, which, of course, affects a more favorable investment budget.
That's right. Probably you are one of those who value their time, so think of the benefits for yourself: it is much easier to create projects on large slabs than a multitude of smaller ones. Is that right?
When preparing projects, you take into account various scenarios, including those related to potential dangers. That's why you probably prefer façade panels with the best fire reaction class. A1 stands for non-flammability - it contributes to the fact that, in the event of a fire, residents can "enjoy the protection" of a well-planned building, using the right materials. You also pay attention to the weather, impact and detergent resistance of the products.

Cafe in Estonia

Cafe in Estonia

© Ojo Roundabout

Unbroken chain

Your head suggests - dreams fulfilled, but suddenly a vision flashes through when the investor complains about delays in the delivery of the material, blaming you for a bad plan. You can remove this image from your imagination. It's true - European supply chains are prone to breakage. There is a shortage of drivers, there is congestion, accidents, carriers are non-stop experiencing a bombardment of unfavorable regulations, increasing the cost of travel. You, however, will receive products straight from Poland and within 5 weeks of ordering.
Also pay attention to the local aspect. Why buy something from Spain, the Netherlands or Germany, when not inferior quality products can be purchased from a family company located near Poznań? Besides, entities from Canada, the UK, India, Italy or Estonia are also reaching for them.
Now come down to earth. It's all real. Type into the address of your search engine and get to know our wide offer. Call, write, order a sample. Match the environment to your imagination.

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