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SCHELL SWS system - the intelligent answer to growing challenges

26 of October '20

SCHELL SWS system with cloud service - awarded German Innovation Award 2020

The requirements for water and energy savings in public buildings continue to grow, as do the expectations of investors and users in terms of hygienic standards. In the age of digital solutions, the SCHELL SWS intelligent electronic fixture management system comes to the rescue, with which its operation can be monitored and programmed.

Maintaining maximum hygiene in sanitary rooms located in public, semi-public or commercial facilities has never been more important. At the same time, water and energy prices are on the rise, which has to do with shrinking resources and rising costs of their production. These two seemingly opposing issues can be reconciled by using infrared-controlled fixtures, which save as much as 60% of water. Even better results can be achieved by linking them into a smart network. Such possibilities are provided by the SCHELL SWS electronic platform, which is the perfect answer to the growing challenges of automating control processes and optimizing building management. It takes full advantage of all the latest developments in the field of digitization and solves these problems in a fast, secure and cost-effective manner. As a result, it offers real added value for all those involved in the building design and operation process - planners, investors and users.

Functional and efficient

Based on the innovative SCHELL SWS electronic plumbing management platform, it enables the networking, programming and monitoring of the operation of all electronic fixtures in a building, such as sink faucets, shower faucets, toilet cisterns and urinals via a central server. With SWS, all parameters of the fixtures can be controlled and documented, such as flow time, water temperature, and the start and end of automatic flushing, for example. Anti-stagnation flushing programs 24 hours after the last use and thermal disinfection guarantee the highest level of hygiene, while at the same time its ecological and economical consumption. Integration of the installation with the building management system allows full optimization of water flow processes. This solution is dedicated especially to extensive installations that require special supervision in this area.

Maximum flexibility

The SCHELL SWS system was created on the basis of the principle "few elements - many possibilities", so it is characterized by high flexibility. With the help of a central server, sensors and dedicated software, any kind of fittings can be controlled. The connection of all elements can be made by wired or wireless means, so the system can be easily used in both new and existing buildings. Ease of operation is provided by an intuitive application installed on a computer, tablet or smartphone. An ideal complement to the SWS water management system is the cloud service - SMART.SWS. With access to a clear and intuitive-to-use panel, the user can review operational parameters of water systems at any time and place, even in several different buildings at once.

The SWS system has already been repeatedly awarded by the jury of international competitions in which the most innovative solutions are selected. In 2020 alone, it received the ICONIC AWARDS and the German Innovation Award.

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