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Quantity, not size. Seven new parks in Warsaw

18 of August '22

Seven new parks - this announced investment sounds serious. However, we are talking about pocket greens, implemented at intersections. Most of them are ideas that won the vote in the civic budget.

The new parks, or in fact small squares, will be built in five districts:

  • in Bielany on Reymonta, Broniewskiego and Wólczynska streets,

  • in Praga-Południe at the intersection of Fieldorfa and Bora-Komorowskiego streets,

  • inPraga-North on Zamoyskiego street,

  • inUrsynów at al. KEN,

  • inMokotow at the intersection of Raclawicka and Balonowa streets.

Wizualizacja parku na Bielanach przy ul. Reymonta

Visualization of the park in Bielany at Reymonta street

© Zarząd Zieleni Warszawy

In addition, in Bielany on Kasprowicza Street (from Lisowska Street to Podczaszyńskiego Street) new alleys among the greenery will be created between the roadways, also as part of the implementation of the project from the civic budget. It will be possible to rest there on new benches. Most of them are projects submitted by residents as part of the civic budget. One park will be created as part of the Green Fund for Warsaw subsidized by InPost.

express pace

Wizualizacja parku na Bielanach przy ul. Broniewskiego

Visualization of the park in Bielany on Broniewskiego Street

© Zarząd Zieleni Warszawy

The first six pocket parks will be made available to residents later in 2022. The investment at the intersection of Wólczynska and Nocznickiego streets in Bielany has to be postponed until next year due to the investment being carried out by MPWiK on that street. However, the design and agreement stage is underway so that the contractor can begin construction of the square as soon as the work is completed. The designs for the squares were developed by: Urszula Michalska(AG-Complex - Kształ Urszula Michalska) and Anna Misierewicz(KĘPKA Architektura Krajobrazu) and Maciej Sikorski(LS-Project). ZZM commissioned AG-Complex, KĘPKA Architektura Krajobrazu and Baobab Brandys to carry out the work.

popular solution

Wizualizacja parku na Pradze-Południe - skrzyżowanie ulic Fieldorfa i Bora-Komorowskiego

Visualization of the park in Praga-South - intersection of Fieldorfa and Bora-Komorowskiego streets.

© Zarząd Zieleni Warszawy

Pocket parks are very popular. One of the projects from the civic budget, "Pocket parks for Warsaw," was voted for by more than 11,000 residents. Pocket parks allow residents to relax among greenery and make it easier to get around the city - the locations of "pocket parks" are transportation and transit locations.

Wizualizacja parku na Pradze-Północ przy ul. Zamoyskiego

Visualization of the park in Praga-Północ on Zamoyskiego Street

© Zarząd Zieleni Warszawy

The parks will cover an area ranging from about 400 square meters to more than 2,000 square meters. In all locations, in addition to comfortable pedestrian routes, there will be new lawns, tree plantings and thousands of shrubs, perennials and bulbous plants. There will also be elements of small architecture - benches, bicycle racks, trash garbage cans. Plants are selected so that the parks will retain their natural qualities throughout the year. Birds can find shelter in the shrubbery (for example, tavulas, snowdrops and groundcover roses). A rich selection of plants also provides food for pollinators. Insect hotels and feeders will be created. The aesthetics of the parks will be enriched by erratic boulders, stumps or ornamental balls, which can serve as a play feature or additional seating.

two parks already in place

Park kieszonkowy na Mokotowie przy rondzie Unii Europejskiej

pocket park in Mokotow near the traffic circle of the European Union

© Warsaw Greenery Management Board

Two new pocket parks have already been created this year - as part of the implementation of civic budget projects. Residents can enjoy enclaves of greenery in Bemowo at the intersection of Powstańców Śląskich and Wrocławska streets, and in Mokotów between Woloska and Marynarska streets, near the EU Roundabout streetcar stop. In Bemowo you can relax looking at blooming plants on a rocking bench, and in Mokotow - on hammocks.

elaborated: Kacper Kępiński

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