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House under the forest. Design of a modern barn by 081 architects.

14 of February '22
Technical data
Name: KRZ_21 one-bedroom house
Investor: private
Location: Poland, Radawiec
Studio: 081 architekci
Building area: 265,07 m²
Usable area: 213,58 m²

18 m


21,46 m

Building height:

6,20 m

Cubic capacity:

1243,06 m³



Single-family house KRZ_21 is another realization of the 081 architects studio. This time the designers took up the theme of a modern barn, creating a house for a family of 2+2. The building, which is being constructed on a large plot of land bordering a forest, was divided into three functional blocks covered with untreated larch planking and a roof made of standing seam metal sheets.

Dom powstaje
w Radawcu

The house was divided into three functional blocks

© 081 architekci

The investor, who approached the architects, initially expected a minimalist house with a horizontal body with a flat roof, which could be built on a plot of land in Radawiec, located in the Lublin province. Unfortunately, the provisions of the WZ imposed a gabled roof and a number of other requirements that limited the initial assumptions, affecting the shape of the KRZ_21 house.

Dom w Radawcu,

The projection of the house resembles an offset letter T

© 081 architekci

The functional program of the house was simply divided by the architects into three functional blocks: living area, sleeping area and garage.

The first two zones were shaped in such a way as to maximize the view openings to the neighboring forest while at the same time cutting off from the sparsely developed neighboring plots - this is how the plan of the house in the shape of an "offset letter T" was created. The garage was designed in a separate block, and thanks to identical aesthetics and a common circulation path, together with the house they form a coherent spatial arrangement of three modern barns, the architects explain.

Dom KRZ_21,
modrzewiowa elewacja

large view opening to the forest

© 081 architects

Thecharacteristic facade material is larch plank - intentionally not impregnated, so it will age naturally, acquiring shades of noble gray. The whole is complemented by a simple tin roof and visible guttering, bringing to mind rural buildings and fitting the house into a sprawling plot, surrounded by fields.

Dom KRZ_21

KRZ_21 is a modern barn

© 081 architects

Dobrawa Bies: KRZ_21 is a house in the style of a modern barn. Quite an unusual realization in your minimalist portfolio. How did you approach this sentence?

081 architects: We already have several projects in the style of a modern barn. When the local plan or building conditions prohibit flat roofs, it is the minimalist modern barn that most often becomes the ideal solution. For our proverbial workshop we were given a beautiful plot of land in a natural, idyllic area. From the very beginning, we knew that it had to be a building from which a tranquility equal to the one we found there would shine through.

Przekroje domu

Larch board was used on the facade, and the roof is standing seam sheet metal

© 081 architects

Dobrawa: The house is covered from the outside with light larch planking, which together with the tin roof creates a unified form. How did you come up with this choice of materials and textures?

081 architects: The plot is directly adjacent to the forest. Our idea was to create a building in harmony with the surroundings, hence the natural facade material in the form of larch planks. The roof was to be simple and austere, not competing with the facade. We opted for standing seam metal sheet. It blends well with the concrete of which the terrace is made, as well as all the flooring in the house, and the lines that the seam creates seem to be an extension of the vertically laid plank.

Dobrawa: What structural challenges might the construction involve?

081 architects: This is a building with a relatively simple structure and not much height. At the design stage, we took care to carefully work out all structural aspects. So the biggest challenge for contractors will be to stick to the design during construction :)

Dom w stylu
nowoczesnej stodoły

The garage was designed in a separate block

© 081 architects

Dobrawa: What do you think is the phenomenon of the barn house?

081 architects: As we mentioned at the beginning of our conversation, the barn house fits well in a neighborhood not dominated by buildings with flat roofs. It's also undeniable that we associate the barn with rural tranquility, and in today's busy world, I think that's something that many people lack.

Dobrawa: Thank you for the interview.

interviewed: Dobrawa Bies

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