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Not just practical. What should you know about skirting boards before buying them?

20 of December '21

4 steps separate you from the installation of a skirting board that will perfectly find its way into your room

If your choice of flooring is over, it's time to match it with the moldings. Contrary to appearances, this is not an easy task. There are some very important issues to consider: should the molding match the color of the panels? What material will be the best? And what about its shape? For the desired effect, the height and installation method are also important. More and more colors are appearing on the market, so everyone can find a molding to match their interior. From our guide you will learn how - step by step - to choose this important detail even before buying it. This will save you time and money.

Skirting board serves many functions in the home. Among its primary tasks is covering the expansion gap between the panels and the wall. Importantly, especially for the comfort of your daily activities, it protects the walls from impacts, dirt and moisture. As a result, you don't have to worry about them when washing the floor, for example.

The appearance of the molding is also of great importance. Other colors of skirting boards than those referring to wood tones are becoming more and more popular. From now on, for example, you can bet on black, silver or anthracite models. 4 steps separate you from the installation of a molding, which will perfectly fit in your room.

choose a skirting board to match your interior

Children's room, kitchen, living room - you decide how to finish the rooms. At the very beginning, consider whether you prefer the same moldings throughout the house, or choose different types of them. The most important thing is that they should fit well into the appearance of the interior.
In the next step, bet on the function that this element is to perform in the room - in the bathroom, for example, the most important thing is water resistance. There are skirting boards on the market, combining practicality with aesthetic appearance. It is worth betting on skirting boards Linela by Vilo: they are characterized by non-standard height (8 cm) and slender shape, which will fit into any room.

listwy Linela

skirting boards Linela

© Vilo

Bet on durable and inexpensive PVC skirting boards

The material from which skirting boards are made also affects both their function and appearance. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a plastic material that is distinguished by its density much better than the materials used for other skirting boards. Being made of PVC makes the product not expensive, so it does not burden our budget. It is from this material that the Linela slats by Vilo were produced, so they are resistant to impact and water, and using them in selected rooms will give you peace of mind every day. In addition, they are manufactured in Poland!

Black, white, or maybe in the shade of wood? Choose the color you like

Now it's time for one of your favorite steps. For most of us, choosing colors for interiors is a great pleasure. For a floor that refers to a wood pattern, it is most common to choose a similar trim. In the Linela collection by Vilo you will find as many as 9 different moldings in oak shades.

Do you like classic solutions? Opt for white skirting boards matching walls of the same color - this will make the skirting much less visible. In turn, black skirting boards you can boldly juxtapose, for example, with colored furniture - such a combination is sure to catch the eye of your guests.

In the offer of the Vilo brand you will even find an anthracite color. You can use it anywhere, especially in your home office, living room or hallway, where you want an elegant look. You should also try the silver version with a brushed aluminum effect.

New among Linel's skirting boards are different shades of gray: light gray and gray. They will become good companions for panels - not only those referring to wood. They will work great as a finish for floors imitating concrete, for example. Have you opted for vinyl panels in your home? You will install the selected shade of Linel skirting board also in this case. Thanks to such a wide range, you will freely choose the color of the skirting board that will find the best fit in your home.

listwy Linela

Linela slats

© Vilo

think about easy installation before you buy

Nothing makes you happier during a renovation than quick and easy installation! Thanks to this, you will install the moldings on your own, without the help of a specialist, and on top of that you will not burden your budget additionally. Linela moldings are glued directly to the wall - just apply glue according to the installation instructions, press the moldings to the wall and you're done!

To make sure that the installation of skirting boards will be fast and hassle-free, use Vilo's dedicated adhesive. Its formula was composed so that the moldings adhere perfectly to the wall for a long time. The adhesive has a high initial bonding strength and works quickly, but it takes 20 minutes to fully cure, allowing for possible adjustments. In this guide we have combined practicality with its aesthetic appearance.

© Vilo

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