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ProPlan software - a reliable partner in planning

05 of March '20

Every construction project requires meticulous planning. Behind huge projects are a group of specialists responsible for anticipating construction stages, optimizing the timing of work and ordering the required materials in the right quantities. Any delay can equal huge costs.

Extension of work time or stoppage can be affected not only by very unfavorable weather conditions, but also by inadequate project preparation or the need for non-standard solutions. Therefore, the most experienced builders and contractors use a range of systems and prefabricated components, as well as assistance from manufacturers, to avoid any problems during the work. This is the case, among others, when covering large-scale roofs: halls, warehouses or factories with waterproofing membranes.

Unique plan, optimized work

With architects, professional roofers, builders and roofing contractors in mind, ProPlan software was developed, which is able to determine the materials needed, installation method, surface size, insulation, fastening and required accessories, in order to find the right roofing solution. The program is able to create a three-dimensional visualization of the structure to compare different roofing systems supplied by Protan.

ProPlan runs on the AutoCad Architecture engine, so based on a single platform, the program is able to speed up project execution. Accurate calculations guarantee a number of savings. Cost reduction is possible already at the first stage of the process, i.e. logistics. Generating a list of materials reduces costs by optimizing the quantity of products ordered. - The ProPlan program also provides many advantages to those responsible for documentation. The cost estimator, contractor or building owner have access to the automatically generated documentation and materials list," sums up Michał Miąsek, Managing Director of Protan Polska.

Prefabricated elements

With ProPlan, it is also possible to compare non-standard roofing solutions, such as those using custom-cut sheets or rolls of materials. In this case, the elements delivered to the site are immediately ready to be covered and installed on the roof. In addition to custom-made components, the Norwegian roofing membrane manufacturer also offers the widest range of prefabricated components. Components for corner insulation, ductwork and wall coverage extensions are supplied with the membranes and are also ready for immediate use. The use of prefabricated components contributes to consistent and safe installation, and has a positive impact on the aesthetics and overall appearance of the roofing. The components are available in a variety of sizes and can be customized for many applications.

According to plan

The ability to use computerized visualizations and calculations is a sign of our times. Advanced software makes it possible to build bolder and bolder increasingly complex structures requiring state-of-the-art materials, in the remotest corners of the world. Technological solutions are driving the progress of architecture and construction making it possible to make any complex and advanced project simpler to implement.

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