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SOLANTO - an impressive novelty from Lena Lighting

27 of April '21

The new lamp from Lena Lighting S.A., a Polish manufacturer of lighting systems and fixtures, is a combination of advanced technology and exceptional design. Its minimalist, geometric form will give clarity and will be perfect for interiors designed with flair.

The name of the new proposal from Lena Lighting was inspired by the Sicilian town of Solanto. The geometric design of the lamp, shaped like a ring, makes it ideally suited to large spaces such as showrooms, shopping malls, receptions or hotel lobbies. SOLANTO will also look equally impressive in private interiors - apartments and apartments with a loft-like flair or elegant, modern rooms.

© Lena Lighting

SOLANTO is first of all a non-standard design solution, catching the attention of design connoisseurs. This ring-like lamp is not only an excellent source of light, but also an original decorative element. In addition to its aesthetic qualities, it also stands out for its high luminous parameters and high energy efficiency," says Marzena Lesinska, Board Representative of Lena Lighting.

SOLANTO is available in surface-mounted or pendant form, so it will fit seamlessly into the cubature and character of any interior. The lamp is available in white and black. However, on request, the manufacturer can also make it in other colors.

The lamp is energy-efficient and emits a light that is comfortable for the eyes. It is available in several variants, within which we can choose, among other things, the size (600 mm or 900 mm), luminous flux or color temperature of the lamp. These numerous solutions were created to allow us to freely select the product for the role it is to play in a given space.

  • Power range: 30-53 W
  • Luminous flux: 2500-6100 lm
  • Colors: white, black (other colors available on request)
  • Color temperature: 3000-4000 K
  • Color rendering index: >80 Ra
  • Energy class: A+, A

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For more information, visit the company's Lena Lighting S.A. page on the A&B portal.

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