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Solidarity with Ukraine - how to help

24 of February '22

The Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory has been going on since this morning. How can we join in helping the victims of the war while being in Poland? Where to look for verified information?

Below is a list of trustworthy organizations that provide humanitarian aid and support the activities of the Ukrainian army. You can support them primarily financially. In the links at the end of the list, there are updated documents collecting also other non-profit organizations helping victims of the war. Polish organizations - including PAH and PCK - also conduct collections.

In addition to material support, symbolic support is also important. Numerous solidarity demonstrations are planned throughout Poland for February 24 and the following days . The list continues to expand, and the article presents a summary of those confirmed prior to publication.

Let's also remember the language and limited trust for information found on the Internet. The war is also being waged in the information field. Let's avoid impulsively sharing unverified information. Let's use informed language and show support.

Help Ukrainian organizations

Ukrainian civil society counters Russian aggression primarily by donating to charitable organizations, some of which directly support the Ukrainian army, and others provide assistance in other areas of civil society.

National Bank of Ukraine

Official collection launched by the National Bank of Ukraine in support of the military.


Rehabilitation of veterans, assistance to families of Ukrainian soldiers, etc.


Medical, social and humanitarian assistance to children and the elderly. New program: assistance to children and elderly from Donbass and Luhansk region, resettling in Odessa region. Providing food, medicine, clothing, etc.


Medical and humanitarian aid to the front lines.
Assistance via PayPal:


Purchase of necessary ammunition, communications and reconnaissance equipment, uniforms, food supplies.

The Hospitaliers

Purpose: volunteer field medical battalion, training, supplies. Open financial records: no, but regular photo updates. Probably the most popular charity for direct aid to combat medics, well-known and trusted.

Diana Makarova's FOND

Purpose: small-scale material support for the army, covering what is needed at the moment and what larger charities find difficult to deal with. Based in central Ukraine. Active since 2014, trustworthy.

Roman Donik's Volunteer Group

Purpose: Small scale material support, another long established small volunteer group. Based in eastern Ukraine. They have been active since very early stages of the war, trustworthy.

More information on collections and organizations: LINK and LINK

Polish collections

Polish Red Cross (PCK) - donations to help Ukraine can be directed to the account:
16 1160 2202 0000 0002 7718 3060 with the note "UKRAINE".
The funds raised will be used first, among other things, to purchase food, dressing materials and secure other priority needs. For more information: LINK

Polish Centre for International Aid (PCPM) - donations can be made to the account number:
18 1140 1010 0000 5228 6800 1001, title of contribution: Aid for Ukraine
PCPM is asking for support for humanitarian aid, population evacuation and psychological assistance for children. For more information: LINK

Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH) - is running a collection on - LINK
It will fund the purchase of necessities - such as food - for people who have to flee their homes. The support will cover people moving inside the country and refugees coming to Poland.

reliable sources of information and language

It is important to avoid panic and the spread of unverified or false information. There is an informational dimension to the war - so let's be careful about the sources of information and posts we share. Let's choose those from verified portals and accounts. Let's avoid impulsively passing on or sharing war-related material. Let's pay attention to wording that bears traces of Russian propaganda such as "Russia is only defending itself," "Ukraine is not a real state." Let' s use responsible language - let's not talk about the "Ukrainian crisis" and the Russian invasion. Crimea is "occupied," not "annexed: Let's try to think about how our language is perceived by Ukrainians and Ukrainian women. Let's say "in" instead of "in Ukraine." The feelings of linguistic purists do not matter in the least.

solidarity manifestations

A number of demonstrations in solidarity with Ukraine are also planned throughout Poland, the list is constantly expanding, but already confirmed are:

Warsaw - 17:00 in front of the embassy of the Russian Federation (fb link)

Poznan - 17:00 in front of the Russian consulate on Bukowska Street (fb link)

Krakow - 15:00 and 19:00 in front of the Russian consulate (fb link)

Gdansk - 20:00 at Solidarity Square (fb link)

Wroclaw - 18:00 under the pillory (fb link)

Lodz - 18:00 under the Honorary Consulate of Ukraine (fb link)

Kalisz - 18:00 at the Market Square (fb link)

Katowice - 5:00 pm under the Honorary Consulate of Ukraine (fb link)

Rybnik - 18:00 Rynek (fb link)

Kielce - 18:00 Rynek (fb link)

Opole - 18:00 Plac Wolności (fb link)

Bydgoszcz - 19:00 Old Market Square (fb link)

Lublin - 19:00 square Łokietka (fb link)

Olsztyn - 18:00 in front of the Town Hall (fb link)

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