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An enclave of tranquility. A house with an atrium designed by MEEKO Architects.

24 of February '22
Technical data
Name: House with atrium in Tuszow Narodowy
Type: single-family house
Investor: private
Location: Poland, Tuszów Narodowy near Mielec
Studio: MEEKO Architekci
Architects: Tomasz Janiec, Kamila Fijałkowska-Janiec
Collaboration: Monika Piguła, Damian Maj
Scope: conceptual design
Visualizations: MEEKO Architects
Usable area: 152.5 m² (house) + 28 m² (garage) + 25 m² (atrium)


  • project
  • implementation


In a forested area near Mielec, architects from {tag:pracownie} designed a one-story single-family house in the style of a modern barn. Its characteristic element is an atrium, where a pear tree will soon be planted. Meanwhile, the soffit connecting the apartmentbuilding with the garage made it possible to create a terrace from which residents can observe the starry sky.

The main design task of the architects was to create a house with an atrium, referring to the traditional form of homestead construction and creating a kind of enclave for the residents. The space of the house was also to be divided into semi-private and private.

Dom z atrium
w Tuszowie

The facade of the house was covered with larch planking

© MEEKO Architects

atrium in the center

The spatial solution on the plot, including the location of the access road and the entrance on the south side of the building, entailed a number of consistent solutions in the interior design of the house. The outdoor terrace and the living area of the house, including the kitchen, were located on the west side. To further illuminate the house's interiors, we designed an atrium in the central part of the building, allowing light to stream into the house. The atrium also provides an additional interior terrace for the residents and introduces carefully designed greenery into its interiors, bringing it closer to the surrounding nature, the architects explain.

Atrium w centrum

In the center of the house is an atrium

© MEEKO Architects

modern barn

The architectural form of the building is a classic modern barn covered by a simple gable roof with a 26-degree pitch designed in the form of an eaveless roof. In the southwestern part, on the extension of the main body, a cuboid is added for the purpose of a garage. The roof was covered with galvanized sheet metal installed in a flat modular tile system with embossments in gray. The exterior walls of the house are finished with larch boards, while the inter-window strips are accented with architectural concrete panels, creating horizontal separations in the facade composition. The walls in the atrium are covered with decorative thin-grained plaster imitating the structure of concrete, creating a background for plants.

 Dom z atrium,
schematy ideowe

conceptual diagrams of the house

© MEEKO Architects

interview with Tomasz Janiec

Dobrawa Bies: I would call the house you designed a combination and removal of several elements: a modern barn, a pavilion and a "cut-out" for an atrium, the body of which you transferred into the form of a garage. Seeing the plot, did you immediately have this project in mind? What did you start with?

Tomasz Janiec: The genesis of the architectural concept has several paths. The main reason for opening the house to one side was the view qualities, where the investor wanted to have most of the windows facing that direction. In order to meet these requirements in the context of the functional-spatial program of the house, we had to do a little bit of work. The introduced atrium is intended to additionally illuminate the living areas, as well as communication inside the house. Incorporating the atrium into the relatively small footprint of the house was not a simple matter, but as a result we managed to achieve a satisfactory result, where the atrium serves in the house as a secret garden with a tree, which is only accessible to the residents.

Garaż został
połączony z domem

The garage has been connected by a flat roof to the house

© MEEKO Architects

The lump of the garage was initially treated as a separate building. However, in the course of work on the project and discussions with the investor, we connected it by a flat roof to the house, which gave us a larger usable terrace on the ceiling. A subtle staircase hidden behind the wall leads to this terrace. The investor dreamed of watching the stars while lying on this roof, so we couldn't deny him that.

Dom w stylu
nowoczesnej stodoły

The body of the house refers in form to a modern barn

© MEEKO Architects

Dobrawa: What impression did you want to create? Of a modern enclave? What requirements did the investor have?

Tomasz: The house by design was to be designed contemporary. Rather, there was no chance for a flat roof for the whole premise. We wanted to combine both roof forms in a functional way. Therefore, evoking the barn form turned out to be a good solution. Later it was the turn to cut an opening in it for an atrium and to connect it with the garage. The investor's requirement was to design a house with optimal usable space.

Dom z atrium

The exterior terrace and living area of the house are located on the west side

© MEEKO Architects

Dobrawa: What challenges did you face in designing this house? Did any surprises happen?

Tomasz: With regard to the above requirements, it proved to be a major challenge to accommodate the program of the house in a relatively limited area. Looking objectively, the house in the living area has a usable area of 152.5 square meters, which is a very good result, considering that it is a single-story house.

Atrium w domu W atrium rośnie grusza

A pear tree will be planted in the atrium

© MEEKO Architects

Dobrawa: The tree in the atrium has already been planted?

Tomasz: The tree will be planted very soon. The choice fell on the pear tree. Professionally speaking, it is the common pear tree (Pyrus communis). The investor's plan is to feel in his own house like a "holiday under apear tree" after the completion of the project.

Dobrawa: Thank you for the interview.

interviewed: Dobrawa Bies

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