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How to survive in the Rzuski Forest? Construction Survival for Students

13 of May '20

Students! You can register for the SPOT 2020 Construction Survival until May 30. Participants in this year's edition titled. "Let's SPOT in the Rzuski Forest" will face the renovation of a building intended for the headquarters of the Konkretnie Pomagamy Foundation.

SPOT combines construction with educational and creative workshops. Such a meeting is an extraordinary opportunity to learn by doing, integrate industry, help and have fun.

Survival for hippotherapy

This year's fourth edition of the multi-day trip for students and graduates of technical faculties from all over Poland will be held in July in Rzuski Forest (Pomeranian Voivodeship). Workshop participants will renovate a house intended for the headquarters of the Końkretnie Pomagamy Foundation, which deals with hippotherapy for disabled children. The renovated building will also provide accommodation for the founders and rooms for volunteers. During the survival, interior renovation work, demolition, drywall construction, tiling, plastering and painting are planned.

SPOT survival
budowlany 2020

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SPOTting in the Rzuski Forest

Construction Survival SPOT is not only a relief action, but also a meeting of future construction specialists. Construction work will culminate in creative workshops and discussions addressing issues that participants will face in the future. Education through practice and industry integration are the two main goals of the event's organizer - the SPOT design and construction collective.

SPOT 2017 workshop report

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SPOT collective

The SP OT design-build collective is an interdisciplinary team of technical students and graduates who share a passion for social action in the field of construction and housing. Their main goal is to educate through practice and integrate the community. Members of the collective, live primarily in Warsaw and Wroclaw, but operate throughout Poland.


  • participant registration: until May 30 this year via the form
  • date: July 11 to 19 this year.
  • place: Rzuski Las (Pomorskie Voivodeship)

For more information, visit the SPOT Initiative website .

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