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Even greener Zoliborz Orchards

08 of September '23

Famous for its modernist architecture bathed in greenery, Żoliborz will be enriched with new recreational spaces. Warsaw residents have been waiting half a decade for the implementation of the project selected in the civic budget.

The new green space will be created in the road strip along Krasinskiego Street. It will feature alleys, a variety of greenery and a play zone for children. Krasinski Square will replace the semi-wild parking lot and undeveloped area along the road. Designers have planned to plant more than 100 trees here (including pear, hawthorn, spruce, pine and lime trees), as well as a variety of low vegetation.

Miejsce realizacji inwestycji

investment site

© UM Warsaw

In addition to tall greenery, tens of thousands of plants are planned to be planted - shrubs (including roses, lilacs, dogwoods) and perennials and bulbous plants (for example, narcissus, tulips). The squares will also feature multicolored, fragrant meadows and climbing plants and ornamental grasses (including Chinese miscanthus, autumn seslerias).

Skwery Krasińskiego i Broniewskiego

Krasinski and Broniewski squares

© UM Warszawa / Proinwestycja

Along Krasińskiego Street, the section from Broniewskiego Street to Powązkowska Street was designed with a bicycle path, additional walking paths and lighting. The sculpture of the area is to be diversified with concrete walls and hills. The development project includes program elements from the winning motion from the participatory budget called "Krasinski Square", supplemented with solutions based on the conclusions from public consultations. To improve the safety of users, the location of pedestrian crossings and bus stops in the area of the intersection of Krasińskiego and Przasnyska streets was corrected, and elevated crossings and pedestrian crossings were designed.

Wizualizacja skweru

visualization of the square

© UM Warszawa

The Krasinski Square area will feature individually designed small architecture. In the section between Przasnyska and Elblaska streets, wooden pergolas, seats in the form of wooden ramps and the so-called "Train" will be located, the spatial arrangement of which refers to the history of the railroad siding that used to be here. In the section between Anna German Street and Przasnyska Street, wooden trellises have been designed. Residents will also be able to sit on benches or play checkers at a game table. A play zone will be created for children.

Trejaże wg indywidualnego projektu oraz tzw. ławka warszawska zastosowana na terenie skwerów.

trellises according to an individual design and the so-called Warsaw bench used in the squares

visualization © Tomasz Birezowski

The investment is to be implemented in stages, so the square construction project has been divided into 4 sections: section No. 1: from Broniewskiego Street to A. German Street, section No. 2: from A. German Street to Przasnyska Street, sections 3 and 4: from Przasnyska Street to the access street at 69 Krasińskiego Street.

Projekt skweru Krasińskiego

Krasinski square project

© UM Warszawa

Construction work and plantings on the first section of the square will be carried out first. This part is expected to be completed in the fourth quarter of 2024. Sections 2 and 3 will also be built at the same time. The Warsaw Greenery Board has signed a contract with the contractor for PLN 4.1 million. Further down the line, the ZZW wants to carry out plantings on sections 2 and 3, and complete section 4.

Zakres inwestycji

scope of the investment

© UM Warszawa / Proinwestycja

The investment is being carried out as part of a civic budget project, which was selected by residents in 2017. AKG Architektura Krajobrazu is responsible for the construction work. The design and visualizations were prepared by PROINWESTYCJA (team consisting of: Katarzyna Łowicka - landscape architecture, urban planning, coordination, Paweł Batóg and Arkadiusz Depta - roads, Dominik Tyborowski - landscape architecture, visualizations, Tomasz Birezowski - visualizations, architecture (PZT), Jerzy Klimowicz - construction).

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