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The studios are not the end of the story. TVP will still build a museum

19 of February '21

Located at Woronicza Street in Warsaw, new recording halls and a large building for TVP news service studios are not the only investments planned by the public broadcaster in the near future. Polish Television has just announced a tender for the preparation of design documentation and construction of a museum pavilion.

The subject of the just-announced order is the preparation of design documentation and construction of a temporary exhibition pavilion. The modular structure is to stand on the premises of the Polish Television S. A. headquarters at 17 Woronicza Street in Warsaw. The interior will house the "Television and Film Museums" exhibition .

Muzeum TVP


Tender 100% price

Companies applying for the contract, will have to demonstrate experience, confirmed by the implementation of container or modular pavilions in the last five years. The only selection criterion, however, will be price. The cost of the investment is unknown. TVP does not disclose how much it intends to spend on the construction of the museum. The tendered construction project is to be developed based on the existing architectural concept by the BLOKUS Architectural Studio.

Modular pavilion

Muzeum TVP

photo: TVP / BLOKUS

The new museum will be a free-standing, two-story building, set on a rectangular plan with dimensions of 21.0 x 12.0 meters. The size and dimensions of the building defined the dimensions of the modules. The dimension of a single container module is about 3 x 6 m. A total of 14 container units are planned for the designed building. Composite panels in copper and anthracite colors are to be used on the facades. In addition, a color-painted steel frame is envisaged above the second floor for the installation of media nets or banners.

Kacper Kępiński

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