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Four cultures under one roof. Nizio Design International's Folklore Center project.

08 of May '24

The Nizio Design International studio has unveiled the design for the Lodz Voivodeship Folklore Center in Sieradz, whose investor is the Marshal of the Lodz Voivodeship. How does Miroslaw Nizio's team want to commemorate traditional elements of identity?


Nearly two and a half thousand square meters spread over four floors - such an area will offer an immersion into the rich, colorful world of Lodz's cultures. At the same time, the complex is to be made fully to passive standards. The Nizio International Design studio is responsible for the scope of work, which includes the architectural concept and permanent exhibition, along with the development project.

centralnym punktem kompleksu jest dziedziniec

The central point of the complex is the courtyard

© Nizio Design International

We creatively referred to the rich tradition of the lands of the Lodz province, transforming it according to the needs of today's audiences. By combining contemporary exhibition techniques with the art of craftsmanship, including carpentry, weaving, and paper-cutting, we aimed to make the Center's narrative affect all visitors' senses and thus introduce them to the fascinating universe of folk culture ," points out Miroslaw Nizio, author of the project.


layout native to the Lodz countryside

The first references to building traditions are contained in the layout of the complex - the four modules have been combined in such a way as to create a courtyard associated with a traditional circular courtyard at the central point. This is a direct reference to the tradition of rural construction known since the 19th century. The courtyard is to be open in nature, allowing cultural and animation activities to take place there. A flower meadow is to be planted in front of the entrance to the circular courtyard.


The complex will house an auditorium, ballet hall, workshop and conference hall, while technical facilities will be located on the lower levels.

układ odwołuje się do tradycji budownictwa wiejskiego

The layout refers to the tradition of rural construction

© Nizio Design International

razor blades, patterns and columns

A distinctive point of the design is the gabled roof, which is to be made of wooden strips that the architects called "razor blades." Such a treatment is intended to give a complex, lightweight character to the development. The roof is to be supported by wooden posts, which refer to the traditional regional art of carpentry. At the same time, the characteristic "razor blades" are to create an arcade - thus allowing concealment from the sun.

galeria „Łęczyckie” skupia się na legendach regionu

"Leczyckie" gallery focuses on the legends of the region

© Nizio Design International

In addition to wood, the main material visible on the facade is glass. On some of the glazing, it was decided to place traditional patterns from the commemorated regional cultures. These include a popular pattern from the Lowicz culture.

galeria „Rawsko-Opoczyńskie” to przede wszystkim świat muzyki i tanecznych zabaw

The "Rawsko-Opoczno" gallery is first and foremost a world of music and dance parties

© Nizio Design International

four equal worlds

The Folklore Center is not focused on one particular culture. That's why the permanent exhibition has been divided into four galleries, which correspond to four different geographical regions: the Łęczyca, Rawsko-Poczyńskie, Łowicki and Sieradz regions. The designers decided to include "cultural archetypes" - what they are best known for. An example is the reference to the cut-outs that will be located in the "Łowickie" gallery.

galeria „Łowickie” podyktowana została wycinance ludowej

The "Łowickie" gallery was dictated by a folk cutout

© Nizio Design International

TheFolklore Center of the Łódź Province is expected to be ready in 2026, combining a modern interpretation of cultural heritage and the possibility of preserving traditional elements of these cultures. An important element of the museum should not only be its exhibition space, but also events related to the richness of local cultures.

galeria „Sieradzkie” zawierać będzie między innymi maszyny tkackie, odwołując się do tradycji rzemiosła

The "Sieradzkie" gallery will include, among other things, weaving machines, referring to the tradition of craftsmanship

© Nizio Design International

compiled by Wiktor Bochenek

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