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A big egg will land in front of TVP

12 of August '22

Not a temporary museum made of containers, but a target headquarters in the shape of an egg. Polish Television plans to build a permanent headquarters for its exhibition. The design of the angular egg was prepared by Warsaw studio PIG Architekci.

Muzeum TVP

The original design of the museum's temporary headquarters

photo: TVP / BLOKUS

We wrote about Polish Television's planned construction of the museum as early as last year. As part of the planned investment, a temporary structure consisting of prefabricated containers was to be built to house the "Television and Film Museums" exhibition. The architectural concept for the facility was prepared by the BLOKUS studio. However, TVP changed its plans, and this was after the tender was awarded under the design and build formula. Instead of a temporary pavilion, a target headquarters is being built. The cost is not known for now.

wizualizacja muzeum TVP

visualization of the museum

Photo: TVP / PIG Architects

The TVP museum will take on a rather peculiar shape of a large, angular egg. It will be seated on the square in front of another ongoing investment - the new studios of the public broadcaster under construction (more about the project in the article). Warsaw studio PIG Architects is responsible for the design of both buildings, also this time no open architectural competition has been announced.


cross section

Photo: TVP / PIG Architekci

The new building will occupy the site of a car wash that is slated for demolition. It will reach a height of more than 11 meters and a length of 31 meters. The interior, divided into two floors, will be connected by a spiral staircase, descending to one floor below the level of the square. The building will be used mainly for exhibition spaces allowing multimedia presentations. The achievements of TVP and memorabilia related to its operation will be presented here. The facade of the geometrized egg will be covered with steel panels. Internal spaces will be connected by a representative staircase and penetrations forming atria. Natural light is expected to stream in through a skylight located on the roof.

Projekt hali

The building of the new TVP studio, designed by PIG Architects.

photo: TVP press materials

Kacper Kępiński

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