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PURLINE bioplates wineo 1000 and vinyl panels wineo 800 - floors for special tasks

17 of January '22

Bio-floors and vinyl panels

Keeping a home's floor in perfect condition for many years is an extremely difficult task. This is because the daily use of the surface can make it require renovation or replacement after just a few seasons. In order to enjoy the sight of a well-maintained floor for as long as possible, it is worth betting on a finishing material that is as functional and easy to keep clean as possible, such as PURLINE wineo 1000 bi-floors or wineo 800 vinyl panels.

The completion of the process of decorating a new apartment or the metamorphosis of an existing dwelling arouses great joy and excitement. For the first weeks after the completion of the work, householders usually pay close attention to their behavior, not wanting to damage or even soil the new furnishings. With time, however, they become less attentive, and imperfections begin to appear on the carefully selected decor elements. In the case of the floor, the most common are discoloration in sunny spaces, dents where heavy furniture is placed, stains from spilled liquids, and in the case of parents of young children, traces of crayons, paint or plasticine. Fortunately, some of the unpleasant surprises can be avoided by choosing the right finishing material. Floor panels from the wineo 800 collection have a wear layer of 0.55 mm and have a utility class of 23/33 (heavily loaded private and commercial spaces), so they are ideal for apartments and single-family houses, and even stores or restaurants. The situation is similar with PURLINE wineo 1000 flexible bioplates , which are made of highly durable ecuran and have a utility class of 23/32. What's more, the products in this collection also have high UV and temperature resistance, are suitable for humid rooms, and have excellent residual indentation values, making them more resistant to surface deformation.

wineo 800 stone –
dekor Raw Concrete

wineo 800 stone - Raw Concrete decor

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Cleanliness in an instant

When choosing a floor for your home, you should also pay attention to how easy it is to care for the surface and keep it impeccably clean. Every time you return from a walk on a rainy or winter day there are potential mud stains and puddles from melting snow, and even in sunny weather there is the issue of dirt carried in from the yard. Then there's inadvertently spilled water, juice, coffee or wine, spilled foodstuffs, and even ordinary dust or stains from paints, crayons or plasticine in a child's room. The eco-friendly PURLINE wineo 1000 bi-floors and wineo 800 vinyl panels have very good stain resistance, and cleaning them is child's play. In addition, they have antistatic properties, so dust and animal hair do not adhere to their surface and can be removed very easily. What's more, PURLINE biofloors can not only be quickly and effectively cleaned with water or all available chemicals, but also disinfected. As a result, keeping your home hygienically clean will not be a problem at all.

Wineo biofloors and vinyl panels are the perfect solution for anyone looking for a surface that will last for many years. This is because they have excellent performance characteristics, while being as durable and functional as possible. Demanding customers will certainly appreciate the soft and warm to the touch surface of wineo floors, on which the household members - including the youngest - will enjoy playing, relaxing and spending time pleasantly.

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