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Supaflo CEMEX - anhydrite screed for any type of floor finish. New!

03 of March '21

Supaflo screed - anhydrite primer

CEMEX CEMEX Polska Sp. z o.o. is introducing its new innovative Supaflo floor underlayment. The high-quality product with test-confirmed parameters will work well in single- and multi-family and commercial construction. The Supaflo screed will replace the Anhylevel product from the CEMEX range, which is already well-known on the market.

Supaflo - universal screed

A new product in CEMEX's offer is an anhydrite underlayment, designed for use indoors, ideally suited for use under final floor layers. Supaflo screeds are suitable for any type of finish, whether under ceramic tiles, stone tiles, floating floors made of laminate panels or layered boards, or under carpeting, resin floors and wood flooring.

Customers will be able to choose from several Supaflo variants, which have been tailored to suit different project requirements. These will include: Supaflo Economical, Supaflo Standard, Supaflo Universal and Supaflo Wood. The properties of each have been tailored to suit different types of floor finishes.

Supaflois especially recommended for underfloor heating systems, where it provides very fast heating of rooms, great comfort and energy savings.

Perfectly even Supaflo screed

Thanks to its fluidity and self-filling properties, the resulting screed forms a perfectly even layer, and the lack of shrinkage makes it possible to make a large surface without the need for expansion joints. Supaflo's parameters make it possible to make a screed with a smaller thickness, which relieves the load on the floor structure and heats it up faster.

The mixes are produced at CEMEX computerized concrete plants in ready-to-use form and then delivered by concrete trucks. The screed is laid by trained specialists who belong to the CEMEX Xperts program of professional contractors. They have the necessary equipment, skills and experience to guarantee the correct execution of the floor. The development and implementation of CEMEX building materials technology is part of a global research and development network, headed by the CEMEX Research Center based in Switzerland.

For more information, visit the company's CEMEX Polska Sp. z o.o. page on the A&B portal and the CEMEX anhydrite flooring page.

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