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Survey for female architecture students

10 of April '20

Students are invited to participate in a survey on their first encounters with architecture. The survey was prepared by Dr. Anna Martyka of the Rzeszow University of Technology and concerns architectural education. The results will be used for research purposes.

The survey is anonymous and takes about five minutes to complete. It concerns the first encounter with architectural education in formal and informal education. You can answer the questions here.

The information collected is confidential and identification of participants is impossible, as name and email address are not recorded. Participation in the survey is voluntary. The results will be used for research purposes only.

The person leading the project is Dr. Anna Martyka - an IARP architect who runs a research and teaching practice at Rzeszow University of Technology in the Department of Architectural Design and Engineering Graphics. Since 2000 she has been professionally cooperating with Pracownia Konservationacji Zabytków "ARKONA". Her research interests focus on the design of child-friendly cities, revitalization and general architectural education.

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