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Construction Survival SPOT 2021 Let's meet in Paradise

12 of May '21

Another SPOT Construction Survival is starting in July, this time in Rajec Poduchowski, a village in the Radom district. What is this initiative and who can participate?

what is construction survival?

Construction Survival SPOT is a several-day workshop-social action that combines education with helping - its participants take part for several days in creative workshops and, most importantly, in construction work that helps a different organization each year. The initiative is organized by the design and construction collective SPOT in cooperation with NGOs and partners.

w this year SPOT will help the Hufiec ZHP Radom Associationw this year SPOT will help the Hufiec ZHP Radom Associationw this year SPOT will help the Hufiec ZHP Radom Association

this year SPOT will help the Association Hufiec ZHP Radom}

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This year we are helping the Hufiec ZHP Radom Association, which is a field unit of the Mazovian Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP). It deals with the learning and development of children and young people in a non-obvious way. It organizes meetings, trips, summer and winter camps. A year ago, scouts from the ZHP Radom District undertook the renovation of one of the buildings of their base - a wooden day care center, which for decades served generations of Radom scouts. The building had deteriorated after many years of use, and the ability to function in the facility was halted by the building inspector. To speed up the work and put the building back into use - we are stepping in with SPOT! - the organizers announce.

how to join the initiative?

To join the team of volunteers for this year's Survival, fill out the form and create a meme under the slogan "Time for the Forest" (by May 30 this year). Enrollment information.

This year's SPOT Construction Survival will run from July 10 to 18 this year. More information about the event can be found here.

See what SPOT looked like last year:

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