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Table - a new opening

18 of September '21

A wooden wheel supported by a single leg, actually a pedestal, which hides a mysterious mechanism. This is the SM33 by Skovby, an exclusive table with an expandable top.

Extendable tables are a non-new solution, which, however, is just now experiencing a renaissance, Interior architects and their clients nowadays choose practical designs, good for both small apartments, where few appliances can fit, and quite large houses, whose hosts only sometimes need more "seats" for guests. Ideally, if such a table is not only a useful piece of furniture, but also a beautiful design element, a real "heart of the house". Just like SM33.

Stół SM33 pasuje do
wielu wnętrz  Stół SM33, jasne drewno

SM33 table fits into many interiors

© Pufa Design

for guests many and few

The proposal of the Skovby brand (famous, by the way, for its many patented table enlargement systems) opens like an umbrella or a flower cup. Under the round top is a rotating system that extends this top, making room for three enlarging plates. These plates are easily placed at their destination thanks to a spring under the triangle in the center of the table. Up to nine people can sit at such an enlarged tabletop. The furniture is aesthetically pleasing, elegant and - despite the "machinery" hidden in the leg - visually lightweight. Great for the dining room and living room, but also for a cafe or hotel.

Stół SM33, dostępny
jest w różnych kolorach Stół SM33, detal blatu

SM33 table is as many as fourteen finish options

© Pufa Design

oak or walnut?

Beautiful design goes hand in hand with excellent materials and perfect workmanship. There is a choice of as many as fourteen finish variants, from oiled oak, through veneer of various wood species, to white and black laminate. It is worth mentioning that the Skovby brand cares about the ecological dimension of its production, so all components - from wood to varnish and glue - are obtained or produced with the utmost concern for the environment. SM33 is a representative of a new type of premium design, which is not ashamed of being practical - although, after all, still exclusive. The heart grows! The heart of the home, of course.

You can find theSM33 table and other proposals of the Skovby brand in the Pufa Design store, which offers the best Polish and foreign design, mainly Scandinavian. The Pufa Design showroom is located in Kolobrzeg at 31 Bałtycka Street.

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