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Marta Kluk on the future of work and discovering the world of "digital nomads"

20 of September '21

The {tag:pracownie} talks about testing remote work and discovering the world of "digital nomads," as well as how employers should adapt to provide flexibility to employees and the implications of remote work in architecture.

Marta Kluk

Marta Kluk is an architect, graduated from Gdansk University of Technology and the Architectural Association in London. For the past six years she has been working for Sheppard Robson Architects, the fourth largest architectural practice in the UK, where she designs large commercial projects with a focus on interiors. He is passionate about creating unique spaces with a strong focus on user experience and connecting architecture with nature.

scope of the podcast


Feedback from colleagues on working remotely

Testing remote working from Madrid

Impact of the pandemic

Nine Coliving

Who are the digital nomads

Different types of coliving

How popular coliving is

Can we all travel?

How employers should adapt and the implications of remote working in architecture


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