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"Terunobu Fujimori - Houses on trees, trees on houses". Podcast of the series "The Soft Belly of Modernism"

27 of June '22

Together with architect Maciej Jagielak of Emisja Architektury, we invite you to the second podcast in the series "The Soft Belly of Modernism." In the series you will learn about the legends and unknown faces of the architecture of modernism, the fringes of the style, the forgotten achievements of the era. Clippings from the biographies of more and less famous "modernists". You will also be surprised by the presence of natural materials, "eco-friendly" thinking and social sensitivity. Before you is Japanese architect Terunobu Fujimori.

Terunobu Fujimori - Houses on trees, trees on houses.

Japanese architect Terunobu F ujimori is not a modernist, but he is certainly an outstanding expert in modernist architecture. After studying architecture, he gave up designing, and for many years was engaged in researching the historical architecture of Japan, as well as describing the work of his contemporaries, and kept in touch with the biggest stars of Japanese and world modernism. He did not begin designing until twenty years after his graduation, on the basis of his vast theoretical knowledge immediately abandoning existing styles and trends and escaping into the land of imagination, archetypes and associations. His buildings can be described as fairy tales or more fully: as architectural stories deeply immersed in local culture and history. But these are not fairy tales (just) for children, a bit like "Lord of the Rings" they offer layers of meaning for audiences of all ages.

scope of the podcast

Greetings and introduction
Secret original
Biography and first order of business
Further projects and practice
Participation of amateurs in construction
Role of plants
Tea houses
What can this be used for?

Maciej Jagielak

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