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Adriana Hęglewicz on studying at Lund University in Sweden and interning in Finland

27 of September '21

Adriana Hęglewicz talks about studying architecture and urban design at the University of Lund in Sweden and an internship at Jolma Architects in Finland. Hear about the differences in studying in Poland and Sweden, student life, excursions, how to find an internship in an architectural office and what the daily work is like.

Adriana Hęglewicz

Adriana Hęglewicz is an architecture student at the University of Lund, Sweden. Her specialization is sustainable urban design and this is what I associate my future with. She has gained her experience in Spain, Poland and Finland - where she is currently interning at Jolma Architects. She defended her master's project Island back to people in September 2021.

scope of the podcast


Studying at Lund University

Main educational differences between Polish and Swedish universities

University atmosphere, conditions, contact with students, group work

End-of-semester presentations, networking

Internship at Jolma Architects in Finland, recruitment process

Daily work, varied projects

Summary, skills gained, future plans

From the podcast series titled: "All about education - the best universities".

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