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Captivating gold and black in the bathroom - news from Oltens brand

28 of September '21

Oltens brand focuses on light and timeless Scandinavian design refining its portfolio in every detail, even the smallest. To meet the expectations of customers, it constantly expands its offerings, setting the direction of a fresh look at modern and well-equipped interiors. What novelties has the Oltens brand prepared, and how and in what design styles to use them? We suggest!

In the portfolio of the Polish manufacturer, customers will find equipment not only in the classic white or chrome finish, but also in the noble colors of gold and deep black. This is new in the Oltens brand's offer, and although gold and black have long reigned in bathrooms, these lines stand out from the competition.

First of all, the manufacturer focuses on design consistency. Products from the various gold and black collections work together, providing a guarantee that there is a common and high standard of finish behind a single group selection. The brand's engineers also took care of the practical aspect of the series' elements.

Molle fixtures, Ebba bathtub

© Oltens

Products in the noble color of gold - for which arrangements?

Many customers dream of a functional bathroom in their individual style. Is it possible to create one that becomes a favorite room? Using modern and expressive gold fittings from the Molle series, nothing is impossible! Its simple geometric shape and wide availability of variants (the offer includes both exposed, standing and concealed variants, as well as a free-standing and 4-hole bathtub-shower faucet) allow to match it with various types of ceramics, furniture and bathroom tiles.

The series is successfully complemented by gold accessories and the Atran shower set with a square or round rainshower and a practical and economical thermostatic faucet. The elegant form of Molle gold mixers allows you to design a functional interior in an individual style.

Atran gold shower set

© Oltens

The gold series can be used to arrange the bathroom:

  • Scandinavian - gold will emphasize the bright colors of the interior, while attracting attention and becoming a decoration in itself.
  • Classical - interiors in this style readily reach for gold, which harmonizes with aged furniture, white ceramics and wooden accessories.
  • Minimalist - the gold Molle series together with the Atran set will play the first fiddle in this type of bathroom, becoming the base for the rest of the equipment.
  • Glamour - this style loves shiny glamour. Mirrors in a shiny frame, richly decorated with crystals lighting and shiny gold fittings - this is it!
  • Industrial - golden accents combine well with raw and cool materials, such as steel, glass, brick, or concrete, loved by this style.

Black Series

© Oltens

Mysterious and warm - a bathroom in captivating black

Another noteworthy novelty from Oltens is black fixtures and ceramics. As with the gold line, the black series allows you to create an interior that is coherent in terms of design. Among them we can find modern and designer Hamnes bowls and toilet seats enriched with numerous technologies for everyday and comfortable use. Plus compatible black flush buttons - your choice of Lule or Torne.

Hamnes washbasin

© Oltens

In addition, black Atran shower sets with a round or square rain shower head and thermostatic faucet. And the Molle mixers, captivating in their design craftsmanship, and the elegant geometric-shaped Gota bathroom faucets. Both series are available in floor-standing, surface-mounted and concealed variants. There is also no shortage of black washbasins in the offer. Customers can reach for oval, countertop washbasins from the Hamnes series with a coating for easy cleaning - SmartClean. Duve and Lagde washbasins will present themselves equally beautifully. The whole will be complemented by delicate and timeless black accessories from the Gulfoss collection.

Lagde washbasins

© Oltens

These products will work well in many styles, such as :

  • Scandinavian - by combining black ceramics with black fixtures and light tiles, you can successfully create an inspiring interior for years to come. If you are afraid that such an amount of black will overwhelm the interior, combine black fixtures with white ceramics and light tiles, or vice versa - thus creating a bathroom in the timeless coco chanel style.
  • Urban - this style loves this kind of solution. Black ceramics and fixtures go well with chrome interior elements and modern wall graphics.
  • Loft - black loves wood, concrete and copper, and with reciprocity. Here there is no question of a color load in the interior. The aforementioned products and materials together create a cohesive, warm and intriguing interior in which to relax.
  • Masculine - black ceramics and fixtures will work well in an existing masculine bathroom, emphasizing the character not only of the room, but also of its owner.
  • Retro - although this style idolizes stylized fixtures and ceramics, but with the right selection of other elements of the room, you can successfully apply here the lines in a more modern version.

Bergytan shower tray

© Oltens

Bergytan shower trays - for connoisseurs of durable shower solutions

Bergytan conglomerate shower trays are the latest novelty in the ever-expanding range of the Oltens brand. They combine the latest technologies and natural materials. As much as 80% of them are made of marble, and it is to marble that they owe their exceptional resistance and durability. RockSurface technology makes Bergytan shower trays highly resistant to scratches, cracks and discoloration. This is a guarantee of style, durability and quality for years to come.

Bergytan shower trays are available in three colors - black, white and gray - and in various sizes and shapes, making them fit any bathroom, regardless of its size and layout. In addition, they are distinguished by their simple geometric shape. Combined with the aforementioned black or gold collection of fixtures and ceramics, it will create something unique in the bathroom from which it will be difficult to take your eyes off.

For more information, visit the company's OLTENS page on the A&B portal.

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