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Aleksandra Krupska about her internship at Andrés Perea Arquitecto studio

29 of March '21

A graduate of the Gdansk and Bialystok Technical Universities,{tag:studenci} talks about her experience of going to Spain and interning at the Andrés Perea Arquitecto office, which she did twice! Listen to what she learned during her internship, what it's like to work in this small Madrid office and is siesta in Spain really mandatory?

Aleksandra Krupska

Aleksandra Krupska is a graduate of the Gdansk University of Technology, currently working at APA Wojciechowski in the Tri-City. Her adventure with architecture began at the Bialystok University of Technology, where she earned a degree in architectural engineering. During her studies, she went to Madrid twice for internships, which she completed in the office of Andrés Perea Arquitecto. During her internship she participated in a number of projects, including working on one of the buildings of the Ciudad de la Cultura de Galicia complex - Edificio Fontán. During the trip she also had the opportunity to visit Spain and meet architects from different countries and exchange experiences. Alexandra loves to travel and discover new and interesting places, not only touristic ones.

scope of the podcast

Why go to Spain for an internship?
Searching for an atelier
Internship in the office of Andrés Perea Arquitecto
What was a normal day in the office like and is siesta in Spain mandatory?
Duties and atmosphere in the office, contact with the chief architect
Why go on an internship?

From the podcast series entitled: "All about internships and jobs - the best offices".

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