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"Malcolm Wells - Architectural Underground." A podcast in the series "The Soft Belly of Modernism"

10 of October '22

Together with architect Maciej Jagielak of Emisja Architektury, we invite you to the next podcast in the series "The Soft Belly of Modernism." In the series you will learn about the legends and unknown faces of the architecture of modernism, the fringes of the style, the forgotten achievements of the era. Clippings from the biographies of more and less famous "modernists". You will also be surprised by the presence of natural materials, "eco-friendly" thinking and social sensitivity. Before you is the American architect Malcolm Wells.

Malcolm Wells - Architectural Underground

American architect Malcolm Wells ran a thriving and award-winning design studio, but one day he had a quasi-religious epiphany. Suddenly he saw the dark side of architecture: built-up green spaces, waste of materials, energy and rainwater. He made the decision to design only underground and/or earth-covered buildings from then on, so as not to take habitats away from species other than humans.... pretty quickly he lost his clients, said goodbye to his employees and was left alone.
He began to create visionary (mostly unrealized) projects and write books, illustrating and reproducing them himself.... and it was these that influenced the history of architecture, and gave him a lesser place in it.

scope of the podcast

Architect Jekyll and architect Hyde
Detailed biography
Digression about Lauriem Virr
Context and inspiration
Interesting facts from the life of an eco-rebel
The 1960s and 1970s
One hundred thousand copies and the move to Cape Cod
Gentle architecture

Links to sites with information about Malcolm Wells: Underground Office in Cherry Hill, Raven rocks, Underground gallery.

Maciej Jagielak

The Soft Belly of Architecture podcast series:

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