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Brian Dam, Anita Wisniewska and Marcel Dawid on competitions, studies and architectural internships

29 of November '21

Brian Dam, Anita Wisniewska and Marcel Dawid talk about studying and architectural internships abroad and participating in international competitions. Hear about studying in Italy and Spain, as well as their first foreign internships in France and Kengo Kuma's Japanese studio, among others. The young designers also share comments on working together on their Bee Breeders competition-winning cocoon project, and talk about their own studio and the future.

Brian Dam

Co-founder of architecture visualization studio He began his design studies in San Francisco, US, at the CCA art academy. He later worked in the media industry as a photographer and visual artist. Meanwhile, he graduated from the University of Warsaw with a degree in photojournalism and earned a master's degree in documentary specialization from the same university. His award-winning documentary work is based on the use of digital technologies and new media in stories about reality.

Anita Wisniewska

She is studying in the last semester of her master's degree at the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at the Technical University of Lodz, as well as doing an internship at an architectural studio in Paris. She is a graduate of Gdansk University of Technology, where she completed her first degree in engineering. She has worked for architectural offices in Japan and Paris. Her passion in architecture is firmly rooted in her interest in drawing.

Marcel Dawid

Marcel is an architect and co-founder of the architecture visualization studio He holds a degree from Italy's Politecnico di Milano and an MA from Spain's IAAC. He has worked for architectural offices in Spain and Japan. He fell in love with image creation while attending film sets as a child.

scope of the podcast


Anita Wisniewska talks about the Kaira Looro competition, her studies and internship at France's AZC Architects and the Japanese office of Kengo Kuma

Marcel Dawid talks about his education, studying at the Politecnico di Milano in Italy and a master's degree at the experimental Spanish university IAAC. He also talks about working at Willy Muller Architects in Barcelona and his decision to go to Japan and intern with Kengo Kuma.

Advice for those who would like to apply for an internship at a foreign architecture firm of their choice.

A joint project by Brian, Anita and Marcel cocoon for the Romantic Cabin for Two competition organized by Bee Breeders.

Brain Dam about his education, as well as his business

The future of Anita, Marcel and Brian and the project. What does working abroad offer? Advice for young architects.

From the podcast series titled: "All about internships and jobs - the best offices".

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