"Sensory Landscaping. See and hear." Podcast of the series "Shades of Green"

21 of November '22

"Shades of Green" is a podcast series hosted by Maja Skibinska and Joanna Paniec about the glories and shadows of landscape architecture. We invite you to listen to the episode dedicated to.... the senses.

"Betonosis" prevailing in Polish cities, progressive climate change and the experience of pandemics are changing human consciousness. Ecological slogans, which only a few years ago were characterized as typical of radical environmentalists, are now widely discussed. The above-mentioned phenomena have probably initiated a major social and cultural change, the effects of which we will observe in the coming years. More and more is being said about the health-promoting qualities of contact with nature, and pro-environmental, do-social and universal design is gradually becoming the norm. Topics related to the shaping of public space arouse a lot of emotion and increasingly activate local communities.

Thelandscape architects direct their popularizing podcast to both professionals and amateurs interested in shaping environments that support well-being. You can read the interview with the podcast's creators here.

"Sensual landscape architecture - part 1.
- see and hear"

In this episode, Joanna Paniec and Maja Skibinska discuss the role of the senses in the perception of space and their conscious use in designing environments. They focus on the senses of sight, hearing and echolocation. They talk about stimulating or quieting the senses through proper space design, color codes of cities,soundspace, guiding sight, seeing movement, pink noise, dividing the senses into "better" and "worse," color gardens, music gardens and much more.

Joanna Paniec

Joanna PaniecJoanna Paniec is a landscape architect and cultural animator. She graduated from Landscape Architecture at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. For more than a dozen years she has been professionally designing urban space and greenery and private gardens, educating, leading workshops, engaging in social and innovative projects. In 2015-2020 she was an urban gardener in Gdansk, and then the main specialist for the city's green brand in the Office of the Mayor, City Hall in Gdansk. She is currently developing the project, which promotes the concept of shaping the environment in a sustainable way, based on knowledge, experience and modern technological possibilities.

Maja Skibińska

Maja SkibińskaMaja Skibińska is a designer, researcher and educator with many years of experience working on multi-discipline projects and interdisciplinary participatory processes concerning the development of public space. She has authored and co-authored more than 60 projects, including parks, squares and recreational areas. For 12 years of professional work associated with Landscape Architecture at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. She is the winner of the "Diplomas for Warsaw" competition for her doctoral thesis on furnishing the city. In her work she explores issues of participatory, universal and pro-environmental design (BZI/ NBS) and equality in urban planning. Together with Aleksandra Wiktorko, she runs the interdisciplinary Szelest studio.

Podcasts from the series "Shades of Green":

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