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Paweł Białas, Julia Giżewska and Dominik Kowalski for the 2020 International VELUX Award Grand Prix

Dobrawa Bies
26 of July '21

Paweł Białas, Julia Giżewska and Dominik Kowalski from the Silesian University of Technology talk about their project "Theater of Light," which won the Grand Prix of the International VELUX Award 2020 in the category "Natural Light Research"! Hear about inspiration from art and astronomy, design work, artificial light pollution and the search for a return to nature.

TheInternational VELUX Award is a biennial competition for architecture students that encourages students to pay special attention to the role of natural light in architecture as an important source of lighting, energy, well-being and comfort. Projects are submitted in two categories: "Natural Light in Buildings" and "Natural Light Research." And it was in the latter category, first at the regional stage and later at the global stage, that the Polish students' project Theatre of Light won! Listen to Paweł Białas, Julia Giżewska and Dominik Kowalski talk about it.

Zwycięski projekt „Teatr Światła”

"Theater of Light" was awarded the Grand Prix in the "Natural Light Research" category.

© Paweł Białas, Julia Giżewska, Dominik Kowalski

topic scope of the podcast

International VELUX Award, what it is
Victory of the "Theatre of Light" project
Form of the building - reference to the planetarium and amphitheater
Importance of the project

On the other hand, registration for the next 10th edition of the International Velux Award 2022 will start this September. stay tuned! On the other hand, if you are looking for tips on how to maximize daylight in interiors or which roof windows to choose, please click here.

Dobrawa Bies

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