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26 of July '21

In a dream vacation it is important to find the perfect accommodation, a place that will make a difference in every trip, whether it is for a couple, the whole family, a group of friends or a business trip.

Well-located with refined interior design and glamour - new luxury hotels are tailored to the needs of guests. Designed to promote a hedonistic lifestyle, focusing on the best experiences and small pleasures.

This is one of the most important reasons for making 5-star hotels a place where we want to relax and enjoy special moments, experiences that we will happily remember throughout the year.

What is essential in the design of a contemporary luxury hotel?

an unforgettable facade

Classic, renovated, eye-catching, minimalist or modern facades. The way an architect chooses to design the facade of a luxury hotel will inevitably affect the first impression a hotel guest will get. That's why modern architects are combining aesthetics and functionality, using materials such as Neolith® Sintered Stone in the design of the most valuable buildings.

Sustainable and produced in a carbon-neutral environment, ventilated facades allow air to circulate and provide thermal insulation, as well as sun and sound protection. They are an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice. Sintered Stone is resistant to temperature changes and UV rays, ensuring that the surface remains consistent over time.

Marriot International
Hotel Dallas Texas Hotel Seventy Barcelona

Left: Marriot International Hotel Dallas Texas; Right: Hotel Seventy Barcelona

© Neolith

dazzling entrance

Impressive, welcoming entrances and reception areas, stylishly decorated common areas adorned with works of art, attractive paneling and sophisticated furniture.

Precious materials such as marble, wood, stone and mirrors fill the exclusive spaces of hotels. Neolith® is a surface capable of creating a visually pleasing effect and providing unique features, whether used on floors, walls, countertops or furniture. It adds value to a room, leaving no guest indifferent, who increasingly expect aesthetically pleasing and beautiful interiors.

Hotel SH Valencia PalaceHotel SH Valencia PalaceHotel SH Valencia Palace

SH Valencia Palace Hotel

© Neolith

Hotel SH Barcelona
2882 Hotel SH Barcelona 2882

Hotel SH Barcelona 2882Hotel SH Barcelona 2882Hotel SH Barcelona 2882

Hotel SH Barcelona 2882

© Neolith

XXL rooms: an oasis of calm and comfort

The key to comfort and the guarantee of a stay that will arouse curiosity among the most demanding guests looking for a good rest. Hotel rooms, that is, places where light, space and high-quality materials combined with good design are the key to achieving maximum pleasure.

pokój hotelowy pokój hotelowy

© Neolith

Bed headrests, dressing tables, dressing tables, shower trays or bathtubs - for each of these elements, Neolith® Sintered Stone - a material that combines aesthetic and hygienic qualities- is perfectly suited. It is ideal for both bedrooms and spa-like bathrooms.

Hotel Hilton Casa
Alberola garderoba w pokoju

Left: Hilton Casa Alberola Hotel

© Neolith

The unlimited application possibilities of this material lend harmony and continuity to a room, thanks to the use of colors ranging from neutral to the most striking, inspired by natural and industrial elements such as marble, stone, wood or metal.

łazienka hotelowa łazienka hotelowa

łazienka hotelłazienka hotelłazienka hotel

łazienka hotelłazienka hotelłazienka hotel

© Neolith

luxury experiences

Phenomenal terraces, indoor pools, beauty and massage centers, well-equipped gymnasiums or green areas for meditation.

Hotel Seventy Barcelona Hotel Seventy Barcelona Hotel Seventy Barcelona

Hotel Seventy Barcelona

© Neolith

There is no outdoor or indoor application where Neolith®' s state-of-the-art surface would not work. It's the ultimate ally in creating an atmosphere of exclusivity - a choice of decorative materials that helps guests connect with the natural environment through a surface that reinterprets materials such as stone, wood and marble to reflect their nature, while retaining their characteristic properties of resilience and minimal maintenance.

Hotel V HouseHotel V HouseHotel V House

Hotel V HouseHotel V HouseHotel V House

Hotel V House

© Neolith

siłownia hotelowa basen hotelowy

© Neolith

quality gastronomy

Another of the services that a luxury hotel should offer is high-quality gastronomy to delight guests' palates. Delicious dishes should be accompanied by exclusive interior design - the fusion of these elements will bring guests a unique experience.

Neolith® is the countertop material on which Michelin-starred chefs and restaurants prepare their culinary masterpieces because it is not only ultra-hygienic, scratch- and stain-resistant, but also easy to maintain.

bar hotelbar hotelbar hotel

hotel bar

© Neolith

The material is increasingly being used for other restaurant applications as well. Bars, walls, floors or furniture are made of it, providing a chic and immaculate interior character, typical of three Michelin-starred restaurants.

{Image@url=,alt=Hotel Hilton Mar Diagonal Barcelona,title=Hotel Hilton Mar Diagonal Barcelona}

Hilton Mar Diagonal Barcelona hotel

© Neolith

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