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"Fujimori Radic Asplund and the Cicadas or Vatican Chapels". Podcast from the series "The Soft Belly of Modernism"

25 of July '22

Together with architect Maciej Jagielak of Emission of Architecture, we invite you to the third special holiday podcast in the series "The Soft Belly of Modernism." This time the trail leads to the Vatican Chapels in Venice, where eleven chapels/pavilions designed by star architects are located in a beautiful garden on San Giorgio Island.

Fujimori, Radic, Asplund and cicadas.
Architecture broadcast in the Vatican Chapels.

The holiday special episode - an audio sketch of Maciej Jagielak's journey in the footsteps of Terunobu Fujimori, specifically his European productions. The author visited Venice and the Vatican Chapels, where the garden on San Giorgio Island features eleven chapels/pavilions designed by famous architects, three of which Maciej Jagielak presents in a bit more detail.

Put on your headphones and listen up! If you strain your hearing, perhaps from behind the wall of sound emitted by the cicadas you will hear in the background the splash of the lagoon waters and the roar of ship engines....

topic scope of the podcast

Chapel designed by Smiljan Radic
Chapel designed by Terunobu Fujimori
Exhibition catalog
Asplund Pavilion and its Forest Chapel
Asplund's drawings / Fujimori's drawings
From conceptual drawings to executive drawings
Information about the tour

Recording and photography in the Vatican Chapels were made possible courtesy of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini.
Information about the tour of the chapels can be found here, and the book and exhibition catalog are available at this link.

Maciej Jagielak

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